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Difference between heat exchangers and interchanger

A heat exchanger is an apparatus that is used for heat recovery that means it is used to transfer heat from two fluids. The difference between a heat exchanger and condenser is the purpose of the state change of the substance (liquid or vapors). Heat Interchanger: The use of heat interchangers, either as an aid […]

Generator Heat Exchanger:

Overview: Generator heat exchangers are understands the degradation of steam generator heat exchanger tubing, both mechanical and corrosion modes, which has resulted in extensive repairs and the replacements around the world. The variety of degradation modes challenges the integrity of tubing and, therefore, the stations’ reliability. Inspection...

Air Cooled Refrigeration

Overview: Air cooled refrigeration system by using evaporation cooled air condenser. Amelioration performance dun system frigorifique refried par air  condenser Adair refried par evaporation. An evaporative cooler was built and coupled to the existing air cooled refrigeration system of a split-air-conditioner in order to measure its effect on the...

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Introduction: Air cooled heat exchangers are water shortage and increasing costs, together with more recent concerns about water pollution and cooling tower plumes, have greatly reduced industry’s use of water cooled heat exchangers. Consequently, when further heat integration within the plant is not possible, these are  now usual to reject...

Tube Insert Heat Exchangers

Introduction: Tube inserts heat exchangers  are useful tools that improve tube side performance in heat exchangers. Inserts are used for applications in which tube side heat transfer is thermally limiting and an increase in pressure drop is allowed. The best insert type and design for a particular application depends on flow conditions and fluid...

Dummy Load Heat Exchangers:

Introduction: Dummy Load Heat Exchangers include a resistive sodium nitrite resistive load directed by insulating tubes to flow in the load. The cooling circuit includes a primary circuit having inlet and outlet thermistors, and a secondary cooling circuit coupled thereto by a liquid to liquid heat exchanger. In the control circuit, the thermistors...

Heat Exchangers Overview

Introduction Of Heat Exchangers : Heat exchanger is a device designed to efficiently transfer or “exchange” heat from one matter to another. When a fluid is used to transfer heat, the fluid could be a liquid, such as water or oil, or could be moving air. The most well known type of heat exchanger is […]

Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

TUBE BUNDLE HEAT EXCHANGER We manufacture Tube Bundles suiting various equipment like Intercoolers, Aftercoolers. The tube bundles can be either of plaint tube type or finned type depending on the applications. The applications include steam heating, refrigerated air drying etc. Tube sheets are plates or forgings drilled to provide holes through...

Open Circuit Cooling Towers In UAE

Open Circuit Cooling Towers Introduction: In Open Circuit Cooling Towers, there is a direct contact between the water to cool down and the air.It is a heat exchanger that in order to cool down water makes use of the direct contact with the air. The heat transfer occurs partially thanks to a heat exchange between […]

Open Circuit Cooling Towers In Coimbatore

Open Circuit Cooling Towers Introduction In open circuit cooling towers, there is a direct contact between the water to cool down and the air.It is a heat exchanger that in order to cool down water makes use of the direct contact with the air. The heat transfer occurs partially thanks to a heat exchange between air and water, but […]

Open Circuit Cooling Towers

Open Circuit Cooling Tower Overview of Open Circuit Cooling Towers Open cooling towers are a proven and cost-effective method of cooling condenser water loops and industrial processes. In operation, the condenser water (or process water) flows directly over the heat transfer surface of the open cooling tower. As air is introduced into the tower, a...

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger UAE

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger About Tipo Shell & tube heat exchangers offer large surface area in combination with efficient heat transfer and compactness. These are widely used in industries for various duties like cooling, heating, condensation, evaporation etc. GOEL are the pioneers in the field of glass shell and tube heat exchangers in...

Fanless Cooling Towers

Fanless Cooling Towers does not contain any fan or fill used to cool the water and so it is called fanless cooling towers and fill less cooling tower. The wooden louvers are used as the side wall of the cooling tower to restrict the water spillage. The outside wind passage enters into the cooling tower […]

Square Shape Cooling Tower

The Square Shape Cooling Tower is of the design: -Vertical Induced Draft Counter Flow, with a uniform distribution of water and an optimal transfer of heat -These are used by all large industries to cool the water that has undergone recycling -The installation of these products can be done independent of the direction of wind […]

Bottle Shape Cooling Towers

Bottle Shape Cooling Towers are also referred as Round Type Cooling Tower in the industry because of the bottle like shape. The robust line of round bottle shape cooling towers is manufactured in the range of 5 TR to 600 TR capacities. The series complies the concept of induced draft and counter flow functioning. The […]

Evaporative Cooling Towers

Product Description Design: Evaporative (FRP) Cooling towers are of vertical induced draft counter flow design with uniform water distribution and optimal heat transfer. Towers can be installed independent of wind direction. The tower casing is made from tough fiberglass and has sufficient strength to withstand high velocities and vibrations. The...

Dry Cooling Towers

Types of Cooling Towers After many years of development of this technology, cooling towers are available in different types and sizes. Each of these is applicable in a certain load configuration, the reason it is important to outline the options available. Note that despite the different designs, the basic function remains as that of dissipating...

Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers

TIPO offers field erected Pultruded FRP cooling towers. These cooling towers are designed using Pultruded FRP sections, FRP sheets for cladding, Stainless steel for fasteners and other hardwares. Properties of Pultruded FRP gives the cooling tower distinct advantages over other material of construction like concrete or timber. Engineering at TIPO...

Wooden Cooling Towers

This rugged war horse in our stables, incorporate multi blade, cast aluminum, adjustable pitch fan assembly driven by special T.E, IP-55 protected Geared Motor with low R.P.M and higher air discharge capacities. The Wooden Cooling Towers structural and supporting sections are HDG Steel, fastened with SS fasteners, and suited for hot, harsh and...

Tube bundle heat exchangers manufacturers coimbatore

General Tube bundle heat exchangers are primarily suited for heat transfer between various liquids and gases with or without phase change. Excellent results have been obtained using water, thermal oil, wet steam etc. to warm or cool liquids and gases. The standard series consists of 6 sizes with heat transfer surfaces ranging from 0.5 to […]
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