Boiler Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers

Boiler Tube Bundle

An assembly ties together a plurality of Boiler Tube Bundle to increase their mechanical stability and maintain a uniform spacing between adjacent tube bundle. A tie bar has a plurality of periodically spaced fingers extending from a cross member to form openings between adjacent fingers with in which the boiler tubes tightly fit. A retainer projects orthogonality from ends of some of the fingers. A locking bar has wedges spaced along one edge which engage the retainers clamping the boiler tubes between the fingers of said locking bar. Stops and brackets attach to the boiler tubes to support the fingers and cross member, thereby holding the tie bar in place during assembly.

An Water tube boilers are widely used in industries such as sugar mill, chemical industry, paper mill,textile factory, central heating enterprise, power plant, and so on. The boiler types are different according to the different usage.It is widely used in school, hospital, hotel, textile industry, chemical plant, paper’pulp, pharmaceuticals, refinery,food processing, building materials and other industrial area that need not too much steam in production process.


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