Air Cooled Condensor Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

The Air Cooled Condensor of water steam is used for the removal of low-potential heat during the water steam condensation. In principle, it cools with atmospheric air with a forced air draft. The area of ribbed tubes is used for the heat transfer where the cooling air flows outside the tubes, and the condensing medium, steam, flows inside the tubes. Forced air flow is provided by a propeller fan. The fan is driven by an electric motor with gearbox.

The air cooler (AC) is used for cooling the heat transferring media. In principle, it cools with atmospheric air, with forced air draft. The heat transferring medium is not in direct contact with the cooling air. The area of ribbed tubes is used for the heat transfer where the cooling air flows outside the tubes, and the heat transferring medium flows inside the tubes.

  • Low consumption of water (suitable in cases where water is critical or costly)
  • Low environmental burden (no chemicals are used for water treatment, there is only a minimum risk of technical substances leakage into underground/surface water)
  • Low maintenance costs in Air Cooled Condensor
  • Longer service life – lower corrosion load with the cooling medium
  • No evaporation loss of water.
  • Tube bundles
  • Manifold header bringing steam into tube bundles
  • Fans delivering cooling air, including fan stack
  • Sheathing
  • Steel structure for fixing the components mentioned above
  • Steel walkways and ladders
  • Collecting chambers of cooled medium
  1. Energy industries
  2. Petrochemical industry
  3. Chemical industry
  4. Engineering industry and metallurgy
  5. Plastic and rubber industry
  6. Paper industry
  7. Manufacturing industry (food-processing, sugar refineries)

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