Copper Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers Manufacturers

Copper Tube Bundle

We are professionals in the manufacture of optimum quality of copper tube bundle by employing excellence guaranteed raw materials. Made from quality raw materials, these are passed through a thorough inspection to ensure the highest finish, dimensional accuracy, and toughness. These are extensively used in numerous industries as they are modified as per the specifications of our customers.

Copper Tube Bundle

A Copper tube bundles heat exchanger consists of axially opposite tube plates, housing, and a plurality of tube bundles placed between the tube plates. Each independent tube is a part of the integral unit system. Each unit has at least one heat exchanger tube combined with two axial tube ends.

Every application comes with its requirements. Depending on specific needs, some heat transfer technologies perform better than others. By offering a complete range of heat transfer technologies, we can determine the optimal solutions for your particular applications and specifications.

Name Copper Tube Bundles Heat Exchanger.

Type: Shell and Tube with Baffles.

Material: Copper, Stainless Steel (SS304/SS316/SS316L).

Size: Customized.

Weight: Customized.

Working Pressure: 0.1MPa to 90MPa.

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