Turbine Cooling Towers Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Turbine Cooling Tower was created for industrial plants to improve efficiency, and on a larger scale, to help reduce the world’s energy consumption by targeting the plants that consume the most energy. It eliminating the need for costly electrical engineering and infrastructure, routine maintenance of the motors, and most importantly, the cost of powering the motors

Turbine Cooling Tower

Turbine Cooling Tower Advantages

Turbine powered cooling towers we convert water pressure into fan movement. The pumps are selected to generate sufficient pressure to drive the fan. It’s simple and efficient and saves energy and maintenance.

The Aqua fan cells’ fans are controlled via the system pump’s water pressure. We produce a patented and proven industrial cooling tower designed to run without electric motors,

Product Advantages

  • Water Saving Fan speed, such as acceptable than the original slow (without affecting the process of the case), can reduce the evaporation of water.

  • Cost and Human Force Saving As the maintenance and repairing time spent on motor.
  • Coupling and reducer are eliminated, the related fees are spared accordingly.
  • Smart Temperature Control Smart Temperature System may be used to keep water temperature stable in circulating water system.

  • Electricity Saving Originally installed motor for driving fan is eliminated electricity saving rate is as high as 85%~100
  • Lower Vibration/Noise Motor elimination can reduce vibration and noise.