DRY Cooling Towers Manufacturers in Coimbatore

DRY Cooling Towers are also known to be an indirect closed-loop cooling tower. Dry Cooling Towers has been structured in a way that water is cooled by the circulation through the finned tubes, which results in heat transfer. Due to this Dry Cooling Towers doesn’t need much water as the water is not loosed.

DRY Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers

The hot water from any equipment can be sent to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower & that hot water get Cooled and Coldwater outlet from the Dry / Coil is connected to the pump, which pumps the cold water to the equipment to transfer the heat from the equipment with less Evaporation loss, Maintenance-free, No need of raw Water tank & 100% free from descaling.

The necessity of  Air /Coil / Dry Cooling Tower

Water is the most essential element of our life, About 97 percent of that is stored in the ocean. Of the remaining 3%, 2% is frozen permanently as ice. What is left is what we have to work with. And this precious and meager amount needs a lot of attention to perform its function properly in the machines of civilization. Water plays a great role in industries. It is used as a coolant in various machinery.

In water cooling towers like FRP Tower or Timber Tower, huge loss of water due to drift, evaporation, spray loss and blowdown. It is now abundantly clear that water charges will go on rising at well beyond inflation rates. So for that, we are introducing the Dry Cooling Tower / Coil Cooling tower to saving the water. You can follow us on social media like Facebook and so on.

  • Power Plant Cooling Solution
  • Injection Moulding
  • Chemical & Oil Refineries
  • Plastic Extrude Plant
  • Steel Foundry & Forgings
  • Dairy & Dyeing Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Diesel / Gas Genset Plants
  • conserving significant amount of water.
  • Minimizing environmental impact.
  • Very economical in cost.