About Tipo Heat Exchangers and Cooling Tower Manufactures

About Us

Tipo Heat Exchangers and Cooling Tower Manufactures is the leading manufacturer and exporters of Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers since 2014. We assure you to supply our branded products at a very competitive price with excellent quality performance and timely dispatch to satisfy our customers. We provide full service from Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger selection, design, operating / condition computation, manufacture, delivery, and installation.


We assure to supply a piece of world-class solution equipment at a competitive price with excellent quality performance on-time delivery basis.


We are looking forward to having a long term business relationship with our existing customers and new customers in India as well as overseas.

Our product ranges are Bottle Shape FRP Cooling Tower, Square Shape FRP Cooling Tower, Seamless FRP Cooling Tower, Cross Flow, Counter Flow, Induced Draft, mechanical, Atmospheric, Timber Cooling Tower, Wooden Induced Draft Cross Flow, Radiator Coil Type, Dry Cooling Tower, Natural Draft Cooling Tower, RCC – Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower closed circuit and open circuit. All Types of Cooling Tower Spares, Fills, Fans, chemicals and Heat Exchangers available in Tipo Heat Exchangers.

As Heat Exchanger manufacturers our product ranges are Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Heat Exchanger, Air Cooled Condenser Plate Heat Exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchanger, U Tube bundle Heat Exchangers.