Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Manufacturers Coimbatore

Single cross-flow cooling towers remain a good fit for industrial applications. In the Single cross-flow cooling water, the air flows via the fills in a horizontal fashion and waterfalls down in a vertical fashion. This cooling tower remains filled with splash type fillings. The splash type fillings are eligible and flexible for the applications, where water gets hold of higher suspended particles. You can find different models of cross-flow cooling towers here. Tipo TCT-50 series constitutes the line of round FRP Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, which are highly acceptable in every kind of industry.

Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Applications

  • Chemical Plant
  • Plastic Processing Plant
  • HVAC
  • Light To Medium Industrial
  • Refrigeration
  • Furnace
  • Pharmaceutical Plant,
  • Process Cooling

Especially Used In Dirty Waters

  • Chemical process cooling where water gets contains oil, ammonia compound, fatty, sugar and other nutrients.
  • Oil refinery


These Bottle Shape Cooling Towers are known for their artistic design, elegant shape, excellent features, Toughness and higher performance.

Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Overview

  • Cross flow induct draft technology is employed
  • Heat Transfer Media: Pvc Splash Bar/ Sigma fills
  • The Modular Series Cooling Tower is available in both single cell and multi cell as per the demands of the customers
  • Fiber Glass Reinforce Plastic is the construction material of the cooling tower
  • Clean water and industrial water are the choices of fills
  • Structural Component: Mild Steel Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Extreme Efficiency Axial Flow Aluminum Casted Fan
  • Factory designed and designed to be used at the job site too
  • The water is distributed through the Fixed Gravity Spray Nozzles
  • High Efficiency Direct Driven Cooling Tower Standard Electric Motor
  • The capacity of the cross flow single cell cooling tower is 70 M³/Hour To 255 M³/Hour
  • The capacity of the cross flow multi cell cooling tower can be custom made according to the requirements of the customers
Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers