U Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers Manufacturers

U Tube Bundle

We also undertake the complete manufacture & supply of Tube Bundles / Tube Nests / U Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers only for existing heat exchangers.
During the manufacture of the same, as the Tube Bundle is to be manufactured considering the tolerance of the existing heat Exchangers & not Code Tolerance. For the same we either
1)Manufacture the Tube Bundle on manufacturer-provided As-Built Drawing.
2)Depute out Representative to the site for taking the actual dimension of the existing Tube Bundle and the Shell within which the same is fitting. An inter-fitment guarantee is given by us.
Supply of Tube Bundles usually happens in cases of Oil Coolers, Inter-Coolers, After Coolers, U Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers, Strippers, Re-Boilers, etc.


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