Plate Type Heat Exchangers Manufacturers in Coimbatore

A plate heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. This has a major advantage over a conventional heat exchanger in that the fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids are spread out over the plates. This facilitates the transfer of heat, and greatly increases the speed of the temperature change. Plate heat exchangers are now common and very small brazed versions are used in the hot-water sections of millions of combination boilers. The high heat transfer efficiency for such a small physical size has increased the domestic hot water (DHW) flowrate of combination boilers. The small plate heat exchanger has made a great impact in domestic heating and hot-water. Larger commercial versions use gaskets between the plates, whereas smaller versions tend to be brazed.The Plate Type Heat Exchangers consists of a frame, which consists of a head, follower, column, carrying bar, guiding bar, and a number of clamping bolts. In between head and follower a varying number of pressed plates are clamped together.

Each plate is supplied with a gasket, so that the plates form a closed system of parallel flow channels, through which the medias flow alternatively at every second interval.Plate Type Heat Exchanger is the type of Heat Exchangers that acquires the use of high grade metal plates. It is uses to transfer heat between two fluids.Dry Cool is known to deliver high spectrum of this equipment that is known to meet international quality standards

Plate Type Heat Exchangers
  1. Food & Beverage
  2. Petroleum / Chemical Processing​
  3. Hydrocarbon Processing​
  4. Polymers
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Industrial
  7. Energy & Power
  8. HVAC – Heating/Air Conditioning
  9. Marine
  1. Compact design
  2. High performance rate
  3. Simple functioning
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. High grade material
  6. Low noise operation
  • Gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • Brazed Plate heat exchangers
  • Welded plate heat exchangers
  • Semi-Welded plate heat exchangers