Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Manufacturers Coimbatore India

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers offer large surface area in combination with efficient heat transfer and compactness. These are widely used in industries for various duties like cooling, heating, condensation, evaporation etc. Tipo Heat Exchangers are the pioneers in the field of glass shell and tube heat exchangers in India and their product has a wide market acceptability. It is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higher-pressure applications. As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell (a large pressure vessel) with a bundle of tubes inside it.

Shell and tube Heat Exchangers have the ability to transfer large amounts of heat in relatively low cost, servicable designs. They can provide large amounts of effective tube surface while minimizing the requirements of floor space, liquid volume and weight.These Heat Exchangers are available in a wide range of sizes.The thermal technologies and manufacturing methods are well defined and applied by modern competitive manufacturers.Tube surfaces from standard to exotic metals with plain or enhanced surface characteristics are widely available. They can help provide the least costly mechanical design for the flows, liquids and temperatures involved.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Materials and Construction

  • Non-Ferrous Copper Alloy
  • Pre-Engineered
  • Fixed Tubesheet
  • Brass
  • Copper Alloy
  • CuNi
  • Nickel Plating
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Incoloy, Inconel
  • Nickel
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 1 or more pass
  • In-line
  • U-Tube
  1. The overall heat transfer coefficient in shell and tube heat exchanger is about 3 times higher than in coil type heat exchanger.
  2. The pressure drop in shell and tube heat exchanger is minimal compared to 2-3 kg/cm2 in coil side of coil type heat exchanger.
  3. For requirement of higher heat transfer areas shell and tube heat exchanger is the only alternative.
  1. Industrial Process
  2. Manufacturing
  3. HVAC
  4. Marine / Navy
  5. Air Processing
  6. Chemical
  7. Petrochemical: Processing & Refining
  8. Power & Electrical Generation
  9. Metals and Mining
  10. Refrigeration
  11. Pulp & Paper
  12. Easy to maintain
  13. High grade material
  14. Low noise operation
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers