Seagull FRP Cooling Tower


We are among the leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Cooling Towers & FRP Counter Flow Towers that are highly lauded in the market owing to their efficiency and for being highly durable. Apart from this,Our product range also comprises of Industrial Towers, Industrial Boilers and Industrial Vessels And Storage Tanks to name a few. Followed by this our products available at he most leading price and all the essential raw materials are procured from the trusted market vendors.




FRP Structure Cooling Tower : framework  of FRP cooling tower consists of structural profiles of pultruded FRP composites. The characteristic of composite material to prevent the cooling tower from corrosion due to chemical exposure or moisture. The columns and diagonals shall be of box section, and the columns shall be anchored to the concrete cold water basin by stainless steel anchor clips. The longitudinal and transverse girts shall be channel sections, and the cooling tower structure shall be stiffened by diagonal braces which also can transfer the wind and seismic loads to the basin anchor points.

All structural connections and splices shall be through bolted, no glue type structural connections will be applied.The materials shall be SS316L or duplex stainless steel. The end walls and sidewalls of the cooling tower above the air inlet, shall be cased with the corrugated FRP panels.

The tower shall be partitioned such that the fan of each cell can be operated and cycled independently of the remaining cells, and the partition wall also consists of the corrugated FRP plates.


Advantage: –


• Light and stable structure
• Free maintenance and long lifespan

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Short period of manufacturing and construction

• Corrosion resistance and high strength

• Light weight instruction

• Low resistance and high efficiency

• Easy dismantled for relocation.

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