louver cooling towers

Louver Cooling Towers:

Louver cooling tower is the louvers minimize splash out while maximizing the amount of airflow into the cooling tower. Keeping louver cooling towers free of algae, moss and scale to prevent increased static pressure and a reduction of airflow. New Fibber glass louvers are UV protected and offer long life while being virtually maintenance free. Cooling Tower Siding/ Louvers/ Partition Walls- Casing and louver serve the purpose of keeping water in the cooling tower and its basin ATS can also provide turnkey services when it comes to the replacement of asbestos casing and louver. Louvers cooling towers several important purposes including keeping airborne debris from entering the tower and minimizing water loss caused by high winds.


louver cooling towers
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Product description:

  1. With reliable operation: All steel structure brackets are galvanized and corrosion resistant. The usage life is twice longer compared with similar products
  2. Simple operation and maintenance of louver cooling towers are CTNC intelligent control system is adopted to realize labour free management
  3. The angles of all the fans are regulative and axial-flow, which are made of advanced engineering plastics.
  4. All the motors are sealed, which can be used in the severe weather and circumstances.


  1. High-efficient heating coil
  2. input water temperature 50 degree is ok
  3. Fibber glass material
  4. good radiating film.


  1. Reducing the cost of algae-removal chemicals and lab our.
  2. Reduces noise leaving the tower through the louver modules by approximately three decibels.
  3. Achieves very low pressure drop results.
  4. Pre-assembled modules available in a variety of lengths.
  5. Optimum structure
  6. The cooling tower body is made of FRP, which is anti-aging, anti-corrosion, without fading and distortion.


  1. Prevention of the suction of objects such as leaves from the surroundings into the tower.
  2. Elimination of water splash discharge from the pan.
  3. Smoothing of the entering airflow.
  4. Shading of the pan water and consequent discouragement of the possible growth of algae or other micro-organisms.
  5. Rugged construction
  6. Lightweight
  7. Corrosion resistant
  8. Long service life
  9. Simple installation
  10. UV-protected
  11. Nearly maintenance free.