Natural Draft Cooling Towers:

Natural Draft Cooling Towers is designed in latest technology environment so that it can meet present scenario as well as customers requirement at cost effective price. These cooling towers is also known as Spray type cooling tower. These cooling towers are in great demand considering its longevity and the savings. We are here to cater our clients with optimum quality this Cooling Towers that are scientifically designed and have sturdy construction. Easy to maintain and highly durable, these cooling towers require minimum maintenance and offer high performance.


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Natural draft cooling towers air circulating through the natural draft. The atmospheric natural draft type cooling towers are consisting of box shaped MS MDG supporting structure with FRP louvers. The louvers allow the atmospheric air to pass through the tower. In this cooling towers water from system is pumped to a spray header provided at the top of a tower. it is sprayed down into the tower through the nozzles, since the heat transfer from water to air is dependent upon the surface of water exposed to the air stream, therefore, these cooling towers are supplied with a special type spray nozzle having finer spray pattern for good performance of the cooling tower. Natural draft cooling towers should be located in the open space or on the building where the air can blow freely through them.


  1. Structure: It is made from heavy MS angle/tee/ channel sections and hot dipped galvanized.
  2. Louvers: These are made from fibber glass reinforced plastics which ensures corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
  3. Water Distribution Headers: Natural draft Cooling Tower consist of water distribution headers, which are extracted from GI Pipe Heavy Duty Pipe
  4. Nozzles: made from polypropylene to give good corrosion resistance

1.Environmentally friendly
2.No mechanical noise (no fan)
3.Safety of operation
4.No re circulation as the plume is rejected at high level
5.Limited plot area
6.Limited maintenance
7.High longevity (generally more than plant life expectancy)
8.Payback period between 8 and 16 years depending on several factors


1.Sophisticated design
2.Special aero dynamic system
3.Nicely engineered
4.Longer service life
5.Excellent workability
6.Galvanized structure.
7.Less Power consumption
8.Low maintenance
9.FRP louvers reduces spillage and evaporation loss
10.Hot Dip galvanized structure and S.S./ PP fasteners increase the life time and efficiency of tower
11.Can be installed for any range of cooling applications
12.Non clog nozzles
13.Easy to clean.


1.Chemical industries
2.Water treatment plants
3.Automobile industries.
4.Aluminum die casting m/c
5.Air compressors
6.A/C plant & chilling plants
7.Plastic Injection moulding m/c and Blow moulding m/c
8.Chemical industries
9.Dairy, and food processing industries
10.Distilleries and Breweries plants
11.Glass Mfg. Plant
12.Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants
13.Industries heat process
14.PVC pipes mfg. Plant
15.Soap / Cosmetic mfg. industries
16.Steel factory and foundry