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Induces Draft Cooling Towers:

Induced draft cooling towers utilize a counter-flow design to provide for inherently better performance and easier maintenance. The induced draft cooling tower generally offers the most effective and economical solution to most of cooling needs. Harmon has supplied numerous. Induced draft cooling towers catch attention due to their excellent designs, fine finish and sophisticated look. We believe in offering quality services to our clients and to meet the demands of our customers, we have team of experienced professionals and through our dedication in this field, we have emerged as one of the leading organization. We procure premium quality raw material from the trusted vendors of the market only.


 induced draft cooling towers
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Induced draft Cooling towers is cooling water returns in a warm state from the process and enters at the top of the cooling tower under pressure to be distributed through the fill pack. Simultaneously, air is drawn in at the base of the tower by the fan and travels upward to mix with the water where some evaporation takes place, removing heat from the remainder. The warm moist air is discharged to atmosphere. Induced draft cooling Towers are having mechanical Fan and the water is cooled with the help of mechanical Fan motor. Mechanical cooling towers provides better thermal performance, low drift loss suitable for the current water scarce world. Induced draft cooling towers are having the highest Delta T and greater efficiency and lower & easy maintenance cost. Induced draft cooling towers has both single side and double side air intake. So depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. Induced draft cooling towers can be used for which ever quantity of water-cooling by extending the size and lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames.


  1. Water Basin
    Also made of F.R.P. material. The circular-shaped basin with a cylindrical suction sump keeps cavitations of the pump to a minimum. A drain connection is provided for removal of accumulated dirt from the basin. a large-capacity, durable water basin constructed from rustproof fibre glass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance and long-term operation.
  2. Water Distribution System
    A highly efficient rotating sprinkler head system in reinforced plastic is used for the smaller range of towers to upwards, the aluminium alloy sprinkler system is incorporated. Both sprinkler systems are self-rotating at low head loss. And also use an aluminum alloy sprinkler head. Both types of Sprinkler head require little or no head pressure loss and minimum maintenance.
  3. Tower Support Framework
    The F.R.P. base legs are incorporated hot-dip galvanized steel to resist corrosion and rust and the Water basin in a single unit to withstand wind pressure and vibration.
  4. Motor Support Framework
    Made of hot-dip galvanized steel to resist corrosion and rust.
  5. Air Inlet Louver
    The P.V.C. plastic mesh is fitted on the air inlet to prevent foreign material from falling into the basin of water splashing out of the basin. The Non-rusting PVC plastic mesh provides easy access to sump while preventing foreign objects from entering water basin.
  6. Filling
    Honeycomb heat-embossed PVC is formed to permit high heat transfer efficiency. The fills is suitable for operation with inlet water temperatures of 55˚C . For higher temperatures, contact our representative for your quote. Made of rigid polyvinyl chloride sheet which is embossed and corrugated in a honeycomb configuration. It provides maximum air-to-water contact for highest thermal efficiency. The efficiently designed PVC filler creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water and creates a superior cooling effect. The filling is made of P.V.C. sheet laid in a ring from to enable easy replacement, having high heat transfer efficiency. It is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 55 C. or 130 F.
  7. Motor
    The fan motor is weatherproofed and totally enclosed allowing for less noisy and more efficient long-term performance.
  8. Sprinkler Device
    Consists of a set of sprinkler pipes and one sprinkler head that is mounted on top of the stand pipe on the cooling tower. The sprinkler is rotated by the pressure of circulating water. There are numerous holes in the sprinkler pipe to allow the water to jet out as the pump impacts rotation. The speed can be controlled by adjusting the sprinkling angle in accordance with the water flow rate. There are two types of sprinkler heads.
  9. Fan Blade
    Aerodynamically designed propeller type fan blades are used to conserve power and assure quiet Operations. An all aluminum alloy adjustable fan. The cooling tower blades move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. aluminum alloy, the blades are freely adjustable by the pitch angle scale of the fan hub.
  10. Eliminators
    Eliminators are of special F.R.P. design to reduce carryover to the barest minimum.
  11. Ladder
    Accessibility for maintenance to operating fan unit etc. Provided for maintenance and inspection accessibility to fan and sprinkler systems.


  1. Sophisticated appearance
  2. Use of quality metal
  3. Excellent finish
  4. Cost effective
  5. Reliability
  6. Durability.


  1. Quick & easy installation
  2. High performance
  3. Compact structure
  4. Trouble free operation
  5. Energy saving
  6. Light Weight
  7. Available in all types of cooling towers & various ranges.