FRP Square Type Cooling Towers:

FRP Square Type Cooling Tower operates on the induced draft counter flow principle operation. The fan creates air movement vertically pulled upwards on tower across the fills in opposition to the water flow. Hot circulating water enters the water inlet headers and sprays through non clogging PP spray nozzle. Water distribution is even. Well-designed PVC Drift Eliminators are fitted to reduce Drift Losses. FRP Square type Cooling Towers are provided with Inspection door for easy access for inspection and maintenance. Square tower can be installed in multi cell also.


FRP Square type Cooling Tower
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FRP Square Type Cooling Towers are of induced draft design, which is why these are more efficient than forced draft counter flow design. Using less power per cooling ton, our towers represent the latest development in the use of plastic technology. Using superior quality FRP materials in fabrication, we offer towers which have resistant to damages and also prevent corrosive effect of weather and chemicals. Our induced draft design consumes 50% less energy and it can easily cut city water and sewer bills by up to 97%, as water is re-circulated instead of being wasted. One can rely on our towers because our cooling tower provides dependable, trouble-free and satisfactory long-term service. Our cooling towers in fibre glass reinforced plastics provide economic outdoor dissipation of heat picked up by water in air conditioning & refrigeration, compressors, diesel-engines and other water-cooled industrial or process heat exchangers.


    Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fiber Glass Reinforced polyester and resins etc. An additional embossing is provided for extra strength of large Cooling Towers.
    The header pipe designed for proper distribution of water over the FILLS so that proper contact time for air to water is achieved. The header pipe is manufactured in G.I., P.P. with FRP moulded construction which makes it NON CORROSIVE TYPE & Long Lasting.
    We are offering low pressure drop, non-clogging, ABS make solid cone type nozzle for distributing the water on the fill pack area. Each nozzle is designed to operate on a water fluctuating load as good as 20%. Each nozzle can cater the service area of 1.2m x 1.2m at an inlet pressure of 0.3 kg. Per cm. sq.
  4. Drift Eliminator:
    CCS Drift eliminators, to reduce carry over losses through of moistures drop in the air stream. The individual drift eliminators of s-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layer to create the structure.
  5. PVC Honeycomb Fills:
    PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.


  1. Good- looking appearance
  2. Low operating cost
  3. Lightweight and portable components
  4. Durable construction
  5. High heat-exchanging efficiency
  6. Simple and safe for maintenance
  7. Compact design, corrosion resistant and lightweight
  8. Durable service Life
  9. Maintenance free
  10. Higher efficiency
  11. Minimum drift loss of water
  12. No contamination, due to dust or foreign particles
  13. Piping cost negligible and suitable for small unit.


  1. Heating,
  2. Ventilation,
  3. Air-conditioning,
  4. Light to medium processing applications.