Closed Circuit Evaporative Cooling Towers

Closed Square Shape Cooling Towers:

Closed Square shape cooling towers or fluid coolers operate just like the open type, but dissipate the process fluid heat load into the ambient air via a heat exchange coil. This isolates the process fluid from the outside air, keeping it clean and free of contamination in a closed loop and creating 2 separate fluid circuits:

  1. An external circuit, in which spray water circulates over the coil and mixes with the outside air.
  2. An internal circuit, in which the process fluid circulates inside the coil.
    The warm water is cooled to a temperature lower than ambient air dry-bulb temperature, if the air is relatively dry. Equipment’s are Closed square shape Cooling Tower Manufacturer India. We also Closed Loop Cooling tower Manufacturer in India. Closed square shape cooling tower just like the open type, this type of heat exchanges are mostly in the huge industries. We manufacture two types of closed circuit cooling tower and combined flow and counter flow cooling tower. Closed square shape Cooling Tower is suitable for Thermal Power Plants. Closed square shape cooling tower certain processes needs a closed loop, that’s why the process water for cooling does not come in make contact with the full of atmosphere air. Closed loop type cooling is minimizes process fouling.

Equipment’s are very specialist in the Closed square shape cooling tower designing in India and we designing the cooling tower as per the client requirements and well designed for various industries. Equipment’s are particularly designed for thermal power plants and industries. We also design and develop the Closed Loop square shape Cooling Tower and the system in a highly efficient heat transfer process. We offer high capacity closed circuit design and we provide following flow types, combined flow, Parallel flow, Counter flow.


Closed Circuit Evaporative Cooling Towers
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  1. Contaminant-free cooling circuit
  2. Dry operation in winter
  3. Reduced system maintenance
  4. Lower overall system costs thanks to year-round savings on maintenance, water, energy and water treatment.


  1. Package type, with HDGS structure, FRP casing & basin.
  2. With seamless continuous serpentine cooper tube for the circuit of system water, and PVC fill media is used to maximize cooling efficiency.
  3. Cooper tubes were designed in small package type and installed in the bottom of heat-exchanging area.


  1. Low Pumping head thus lower operational cost.
  2. Smaller tower height due to compact infill.
  3. More efficient air/water contact due to droplet distribution.
  4. Well-designed water distribution system to make sure uniform distribution of water.
  5. Use of high quality nozzles which ensure complete breakdown of the water droplet in order to increase heat transfer.


  1. Air Conditioning Plant
  2. D G Set / Turbines
  3. Injection Moulding / Plastic industries
  4. Induction furnaces / steel plant
  5. Automobile industries
  6. Chemical and petrochemical industry
  7. Paper mill and sugar mill
  8. Refinery and Fertilizer industry
  9. Chillers.