Coil Cooling

Coil Cooling Towers:

Coil cooling tower is a pioneering product in Design & manufacture of FRP Cooling towers. We are continuously striving to offer better Cooling solutions to customers, which are both, innovative and also state of the art. Coil Cooling tower is an induced draft counter flow design Closed Circuit Cooler. Coil Cooling Towers is particularly effective in systems having a high pH, ammonia-nitrogen contamination, persistent slime problems, or where the microbial contamination is aggravated by contamination with vegetable or mineral oils, phenol or other high chlorine-demand producing compounds.

Coil cooling tower is heat from the process fluid is circulated the coil of cooler gets dissipated through the coil tubes to the water cascading downward over the tubes . simultaneously, air is drawn from air inlet louvers from the base of the cooler and travels upward over the coil cooling tower. A small portion of the water gets evaporated and the warm moist air is discharged to the atmosphere which removes the heat from the process fluid.


Coil Cooling Towers
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Functions and Features:

Frame All supporting structures are hot-dip galvanized steel to minimize rusting and corrosion ensuring long life. Casing Made of Fibber glass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), it is lightweight, easy to assemble, no painting required and thus reducing maintenance cost.
Inspection doors are furnished to provide convenient access to the interior for inspection, maintenance, adjustment of float valve, cleaning of lift-out strainer and flushing out the sump.
Air Distribution:
Motor The fan motors are totally enclosed weather proof type. The motors are mounted on easily adjustable base located inside the fan stack ensuring lower noise level.
Fan Specially designed energy efficient fans are of induced-draft axial type with adjustable pitch. Materials chosen are non corrosive of plastic, FRP or aluminium alloy. The high efficiency design ensures low running cost and the lowest possible noise level. Fan blade pitch is factory set and dynamically balanced.
Water Distribution Fills:
The fill is rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and is honeycomb design with very large contact surface area. The fills split the air and water into several streams, increasing the time of contact and also heat transfer between water and air. The fill is in modules and is packed in the tower casing without any cutting for curves. The air pressure drop through the fill is negotiable. The fills are available with flute height of 6 mm, 12 mm, and 19 mm with sheet thickness of 1 mm and 1.2 mm.


1.There are no mobile parts except for the fan and the motors. Hence the Cooling Tower maintenance is negligible.
2.Dust, fly ash, living organisms or dirt do not get mixed up with process water
3.There are no constraints placed on the location of plant
4.No corrosion caused by air.
5.This Cooling Tower performance ensures minimal environmental impact.
6.Reduced annual operating expenses.


1.Contaminant-free cooling circuit
2.Reduced system maintenance
3.Lower overall system costs due to year-round savings on maintenance, water and water treatment.