Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Maufacturers

Single Cross Flow  Cooling Tower


Single cross flow cooling tower remains a good fit to the industrial applications. In the cross flow cooling water, the air flows via the fills in a horizontal fashion and water falls down in a vertical fashion. This cooling tower remains filled with splash type fillings. The splash type fillings are eligible and flexible for the applications, where water gets hold of higher suspended particles. You can find different models of cross flow cooling towers here.

Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Applications

  • Chemical Plant
  • Plastic Processing Plant
  • HVAC
  • Light To Medium Industrial
  • Refrigeration
  • Furnace
  • Pharmaceutical Plant,
  • Process Cooling

Design Specifications for Single Cross Flow Cooling tower

Tipo  cross flow cooling tower operates according to cross flow principle. The hot water is fed into a FRP splash box, having target nozzles in the bottom to equally distribute water over PVC perforated V- bar fill. By evaporation and direct contact the water transfers heat to the air, which is sucked in by propeller type fan? The cold water is collected in a basin at the bottom of the tower for re-circulation.


Casting is made of-tough FRP panels and has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocities and vibrations.

Fills & Drift Eliminator

PVC Perforated V Bar type fill is supplied, to provide maximum whetted surface, longer air water contact and more efficient water cooling. Drift Eliminators are made of PVC and positioned between fill and fan cylinder.

Water Distribution System

Hot water distribution splash box is open gravity type, will be made of FRP with HDPE gravity target nozzles.
Basin It is generally a RCC basin and is to be designed and constructed by the client, in accordance with out drawing.


The fan is of aero dynamic design, directly driven propeller type. It is made of adjustable Cast Aluminum blades and hub. The fan is statically and dynamically balanced.

Electric Motor

Special totally enclosed flange mounted motors, with extended shaft and sealed top is supplied with cooling tower. The motor is having totally weather proof IP-55 degree of protection, suitable for hot and humid atmosphere and it is covered by FRP motor cover.


Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Maufacturers
Single Cross Flow Cooling Towers Maufacturers