Recycled Water Cooling Towers;

Recycled water cooling towers are contains higher total dissolved solids (TDS) than potable water. However, with the proper water treatment program for scaling and corrosion, recycled water can successfully be used in cooling towers. While most potable water comes from blended sources, recycled water cooling tower is derived from a single source, providing much more consistent quality, which makes it easier to control the water chemistry in cooling towers. As for the quality itself, our recycled water is highly treated to stringent California standards, meaning it’s suitable for most uses other than drinking.


Recycled water cooling towers
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The use of surface Re cycled water as cooling water has several consequences water animals in the surface water can be damaged when they are sucked into the cooling system; when the heated cooling water is released to the surface water, the temperature of the water increases. Fish are not sensitive to temperatures between 10-24°C. Above 24°C temperature stress will occur, and above 28°C lethal effects can occur for the most sensitive species. In extreme hot summers such as the temperature of the river water can rise so much that power plants are not able to cool their process anymore. When, because of continuous warm weather, the river water reaches temperatures of e.g. 27 ºC, the relative water cooling capacity naturally drops, restricting power plants in their operation furthermore. The power plants are legally restricted temperature wise, to not release once through cooling water above 30 ºC.
A so-called open recycled water cooling system forms an ideal compromise, in which the benefits of water-cooling are preserved and the environmental disadvantages are reduced. Inside these systems cooling water is recycled in a cooling tower. The evaporation of a small part of the circulating water carries the largest amount of the heat away. The water intake that is needed to refill this part is a factor 50-70 lower than the water intake of a once through system with the same cooling capacity.


  1. High quality recycled water is a superior alternative to untreated potable (drinking) water, especially for industrial applications
  2. such as boilers and cooling towers
  3. The recycled water is supplied at a discount to the potable water price
  4. Connecting to the aqua Net water network eliminates the need to build and maintain on site water recycling facilities.
  5. By using recycled water customers can save on the space and cost of storm water capture and storage
  6. Aqua Net can connect to customers on the main line with no minimum usage requirements.
  7. Recycled water can be made available to commercial and residential developers that are duel piped to separate potable and non-potable water.


  1. Cooling tower make-up
  2. Fire fighting
  3. Industrial process
  4. Irrigation
  5. Toilet flushing
  6. Wash-down
  7. Washing machine (cold water tap).