We are enlisted among the nonpareil Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pollution Control System. The Pollution Control Systems offered by us are manufactured at our in-house manufacturing unit using the latest technology. We have all the in-house facilities to deliver bulk orders of these within the stipulated time frame. Buyers can obtain these at nominal rates from us.

When considering what wastewater treatment plant process will best serve your needs, there are several options Pollution Control Systems (PCS) can offer.  We will analyze your wastewater properties, load capacity and design requirements to provide a solution that is both efficient and effective.


Circular Center Feed (Shown with Steel Tank)

Flow enters through the center stilling well and is forced downward, ensuring a proper settling time before it rises and exits through the wall-mounted weir troughs.   The skimmer covers the surface of the clarifies between the center stilling well and the scum baffle.

Circular Peripheral Flow (Shown with Concrete Tank)

Flow enters at the periphery, where it is evenly distributed and spiraled downward around the annuls by means of the specially designed baffle skirt, providing for maximum settling toward the sludge pickup.  Flow exits through the center-supported weir troughs.


The collection surface of the inclined parallel plate packs allows the solids to easily slide downward to the hopper bottom solids collection chamber below. The collected solids will require removal by maintenance personnel. The clarified effluent will overflow an adjustable weir into an effluent chamber. The clarified effluent will then exit via gravity to discharge.


Disinfection is the process of destroying pathogenic micro-organisms by physical means.  There are a number of chemicals and processes that will disinfect wastewater.  Disinfection is usually the final stage in the wastewater treatment process in order to limit the effects of organic material, suspended solids, and other contaminants.

The primary methods of disinfection in the wastewater treatment process are Ultraviolet Irradiation or Disinfection (UV) and chlorination.  Although both methods are acceptable and effective, chlorination is typically the most economical method of disinfection.