Industrial Custom Chiller

  Industrial Custom Chiller


About Tipo:

Tipo  Cooling Systems are known for making engineering solution which results in unique technology to manufacture, design and commissioning of all kind of non-traditional cooling towers, heat exchangers and  Industrial Custom Chiller. Our products are accepted widely by domestic and in International Market. We set our self an high standard parameters for the fabrication quality and speed delivery.

Tipo has such diverse manufacturing capabilities that after an interchange of ideas with clients, we can formulate a plan from scratch to come up with a finished product to suit almost any need. we take pride in our ability to build custom fabricated industrial refrigeration to give our clients dynamic solutions.

Process and Design:

Chilled water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and factory machinery in a wide range of industries like.

Decentral chillers are usually small in size (cooling capacity), usually from 0.2 tons to 10 tons. Central chillers generally have capacities ranging from 10 tons to 100

Power supplies and power generation stations, analytical equipment, compressed air and gas cooling.


  • Plastic industry in injection and blow molding.
  • Metal working cutting oils, welding equipment.
  • Die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing.
  • Pharmaceutical formulation,
  • Food and beverage processing,
  • Paper and cement processing,
  • Vacuum systems
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Ice cream industries

Detailed Features:

  1. Corrosion Resistance to the Environment – By using stainless steel frames and covers; and To The Coolant by using exotic materials to prevent corrosion of the coolant circuit.
  2. Unique Configurations – If your application requires a physical configuration.  The cover photo shows a special workstation arrangement required by a machine tool manufacturer for cooling a high-speed spindle. Other unique configurations include designs to fit inside the customer’s system.
  3. Special Controls – Chiller units can be controlled in unique ways. Remote sensors can monitor process parameters and control the cooling to make the process operate in the optimum manner. Remote controls allow placement of chillers in distant locations, whereas the controls can remain in a more convenient place.
  4. Special Electrical Specifications – Explosion-proof electrics are necessary for situations where the chiller must operate in hazardous atmospheres.
  5. Special Pumps – Self-priming pumps or pumps of unusual metallurgy can be specified; or pumps can be fitted with special motors or impellers to provide high pressure or high flow.
  6. Special Temperatures – Virtually any temperature range that you can envision can be accommodated.
  7. Dual Refrigeration Systems – Two complete refrigeration systems (dual compressors) can be fitted for those applications with widely varying loads or where redundancy (back-up) is important.
  8. Standard Options – More easily produced than a custom chiller,  Outdoor installation packages Special temperature controllers, digital or analog Special instrumentation. Mounting clips or casters. Remote switching. Large/small tanks. No tank – arranged for once-through cooling. Additional safety switches: low flow, low temperature, high temperature, low water pressure, etc.
  9. A wide range of capacities in custom-designed chillers for specialized cooling
  10. Air and Water Condensing Models
  11. Special Options on Standard Models
  12. Models with Modified Systems, Special Components or Controls
Industrial Custom Chiller
Industrial Custom Chiller