Closed Circuit Hybrid Cooling Towers Manufacturers

Hybrid Cooling Tower

Introduction to Hybrid Cooling Towers

Tipo hybrid cooling tower is governed by the operational variables of make-up volumetric flow rate, evaporation and wind age losses, draw-off rate, and the concentration cycles. The water pumped from the tower basin is the cooling water routed through the process coolers and condensers in an industrial facility. The cool water absorbs heat from the hot process streams which need to be cooled or condensed, and the absorbed heat warms the circulating water. The warm water returns to the top of the cooling tower and trickles down over the fill material inside the tower. As it trickles down, it contacts ambient air rising up through the tower either by natural draft or by forced draft using large fans in the tower.

That contact causes a small amount of the water to be lost as wind age/drift and some of the water to evaporate. Technologic innovation patented by Jacir ensuring suppression of plume to 2°C outdoor temperature with 80% relative humidity. All our product ranges are designed to be fitted with plume suppression coils. These towers are referred to as open-circuit hybrid coolers. Their efficiency is ensured by a finned tube coil combined with a modulating valve for adjusting the water spray on the packing. This flow regulation is exclusive to the market.

Features of Hybrid Cooling Towers:

  • No visible plumes emitted from the cooling tower
  • Multi-cell or circle type
  • Mechanical draft
  • Nowadays are widely used for power stations and for many industrial fields

Advantages of Hybrid Cooling Towers:

  • Plume Abatement
  • Maximum Water Savings
  • High-Temperature Cooling
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Water Savings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Operational layout and flexibility

Components of Hybrid Cooling Towers:

  • outher shell (material: FRP, steel, stainless steel, concrete)
  • supporting structure
  • water basin
  • fan stack
  • cooling fill
  • drift eliminators
  • dry cooling exchangers
  • mixing modules
  • fan with drive
  • water distribution system including sprying nozzles


Closed Circuit Hybrid Cooling Towers Manufacturers
Closed Circuit Hybrid Cooling Towers Manufacturers