Bottle Shape Round Type Cooling Towers

FRP Round Type Cooling Towers:

FRP Round type Cooling towers are vertical induced draft counter flow design permits installation in any direction with freedom. It consumes less power (Energy) because of less air resistance to water, saving in FRP Round type cooling towers. This Type Cooling Towers adopting a highly efficient rotating sprinkler head system to induce self rotation in distributing hot water across the fillings. The all Fibre glass-Reinforced Polyester (F.R.P.) casing is circular shaped thus eliminating special positioning requirements and is not affect by prevailing wind directions. It further permits quick and easy installation due to light-weight and compactness. Site assembly is simplified by the modular design of components.


FRP Round Type Cooling Towers
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   FRP Round type Cooling Towers have a long service life and an aesthetic design. The air flow through the round type cooling tower is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore thermodynamically, they are the most efficient design in the field. This directly reduces running costs. The water is distributed by means of a sprinkler Unit, which rotates through Inlet Water pressure. Distribution of water is uniform throughout the fill Area. This type Cooling Towers are moulded in segments. They are bolted and fixed on site. Casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion. The tower offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling in a minimum plan area with lower energy consumption.


  1. Tough fibre glass casing, reinforced with epoxy resins
  2. In case of big cooling towers, additional embossing is done for extra strength
  3. Honeycomb type PVC fills are used, which are extremely efficient in heat transfer, with excellent corrosion resistance and maximum wattage area
  4. Bottle type of tower has rotating type sprinkler, which has PVC/Aluminum or alloy head for preventing corrosion
  5. Sprinkler rotates at 5 to 7 RPM by the reaction force of circulating water that is discharged out of holes of PVC/ Bronze pipes at low pressure.


  1. TEFC IP55 extended shaft CT motors
  2. Dynamic balanced axial flow fan
  3. Honey comb design PVC fills Automatic rotary sprinkler
  4. Anti corrosive fasteners
  5. HDG MS structure
  6. UV resin – FRP casing


  1. Casing
  2. Water Basin
  3. Water Distribution System
  4. Tower Support Framework
  5. Motor Support Framework
  6. Air Inlet Louver
  7. Filling
  8. Motor
  9. Sprinkler Device
  10. Fan Blade
  11. Eliminators
  12. Ladder.