Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchangers


About Tipo:

Tipo brazed plate type heat exchangers consists of a number of thin acid-resistant precision stamped stainless steel plates with copper brazed gaskets.  The plate packs are brazed with two end plates and connections.  Vacuum brazing at extremely high temperatures provides a permanently sealed heat exchangers.  The final result is a strong and compact plate heat exchangers with extremely high heat transfer capability.

Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchangers Design:

The Tipo  BPHEs are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat.  They are designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost.  Choosing brazed technology for your next heating or cooling project will bring many benefits, including savings in space, energy, and maintenance.

The BPHE  consists of thin corrugated stainless steel plates vacuum brazed together using copper as the brazing material.

                           The BPHE allows media at different temperatures to come into close proximity separated by channel plates that enable heat from one media to be transferred to the other with very high efficiency.
The concept is similar to the older plate and frame technology but without the gaskets and frame parts.

The brazed plate heat exchanger Benefits:

  • Our Tipo BPHE were manufactured in the company of experience and capability from a broad range of applications in many different climates.
  • BPHE are efficiently provide cooling water for air conditioning.
  • Cover a broad range of cooling capacities and heating capacities
  • We aim to make the most of the performance and lessen the amount of material used.
  • Simplify maintenance and repair of BPHE.



  • Heat-pump
  • Boilers
  • Evaporators
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • District heating
  • Thermal power stations
  • Refrigeration
  • Oil coolers
  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor wood boilers, stoves, furnaces
  • Domestic water heating
  • Solar energy and chiller applications

The main applications of our BPHE are the evaporation and the condensation of the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning and refrigeration plants, the hot water production in heat pumps, the heat recovery.


  • We provide high quality Compact design
  • Three way design for heat pumps
  • Higher Heat Transfer
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low investment costs for BPHE
  • Simplify maintenance and repair with BPHE
  • Versions for standard and high pressure operation

 The brazed plate heat exchangers consists of:

  • Plate heat exchangers :  Stainless steel thickness (316L type)
  • Connections :  Stainless steel (304L type)
  • Brazing material :  Copper 99.99 %

The BPHE should be connected so that fluids flow counter currently to maximize performance. Piping should be installed so that no pulsations or pressure peaks from pump, valves, compressor, etc. are transferred to the BPHE. Filtration is recommended of mesh size 16-20 in front of BPHE.



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Brazed Plate Type Heat Exchangers.