Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank

We are offering a wide gamut of Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank in the market. These are manufactured from best quality material at our state of art infrastructure unit and these are safe to use, reliable and have a longer life. Apart from this, these tanks are useful for storing all types of acids and corrosive chemicals at the maximum temperature up to 150-degree centigrade.


This highly exothermic acid presents serious storage challenges:

  • Sulfuric acid is an extremely heavy chemical that will test the mechanical integrity of any material.
  • The addition of water to concentrated sulfuric acid leads to the dispersal of a sulfuric acid aerosol – or worse yet, an explosion.
  • If sulfuric acid is spilled on metals, it can create highly flammable hydrogen gas.
  • Skin and other bodily burns from sulfuric acid are potentially more serious than burns from other strong acids. Sulfuric acid dehydrates whatever it touches, and the heat caused by that reaction with water can create secondary thermal damage.


  • High mechanical strength at low specific gravity
  • Good resistance to weathering
  • Lightweight

Other Details:

  • Supplied with fire retardant and ultra violet resistant additives as per specific requirements.
  • Suitable for using highly corrosive chemicals at maximum temperature up to 150 degree centigrade.
  • Designed for pressure and vacuum conditions.
  • Supplied with double wall construction.
  • Designed and supplied for above and underground applications.
  • Thermoplastic welded joints with conductive layer.
  • Vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and with require type of end closures.
  • Supplied along with additional accessories like ladder, handrail, platform, level indicators, leg supports and saddle supports.