Feature :-

Tipo Heat Exchangers manufactures FRP Air washers are available in sizes from 3000, 6000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000 & 30000 CFM. Our varieties of air Washers have single or multiple bank spray systems to suit high saturation efficiency. They have heavy duty rigid PVC piping to avoid corrosion. The equipment cool the air based on psychrometric principle. For corrosive atmosphere, units can be offered in plastics construction such as FRP.  The air washer is factory assembled complete with water piping, water tank, float valve, blower etc.

Axil Flow Fan:

Our manufactured axil flow fan is suitable for large volume of air high pressure. The impellers of the axil flow fan are made from aluminum alloys die casting and specially designed for high efficiency and high static pressure. The blades are site adjustable. The difrent range of high efficiency axil flow fan starts from 600 mm to 1500mm.

Technical Support Services:

Tipo Heat Exchangers Cooling Towers offer good technical support.  Our humidification plant provides services after installation.  Our support & services team work round the clock to solve any site installation, testing & queries that may arise after installation of the systems.


Air is cleaned by an air washer when particulate matter impinges on the wetted surfaces of the eliminator blades. Air is also cleaned, when the sprayed water generates enough ionization to neutralize the charges on the particles in the service area so that they can be dropped out into the sump as they are drawn through the air washer. The cleaning of the air will remove lint, oils, and other airborne particles from the air. This builds up the level of the solids in the water which must be removed either from over flow or bleed. Chemical treatment can improve particle removal and prevent nozzle clogging from excessive solids build up.