Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger Fin Cooler


Mechanical Compression : –

During the compression cycle, the refrigerant passes through four major components within the chiller: the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser, and a flow-metering device such as an expansion valve. The evaporator is the low-temperature (cooling) side of the system and the condenser is the high-temperature (heat-rejection) side of the system.

Mechanical compression chillers are classified by compressor type: reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal and friction less centrifugal.

Reciprocating for Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger : –


Similar to a car engine with multiple pistons, a crankshaft is turned by an electric motor, the pistons compress the gas, heating it in the process. The hot gas is discharged to the condenser instead of being exhausted out a tailpipe. The pistons have intake and exhaust valves that can be opened on demand to allow the piston to idle, which reduces the chiller capacity as the demand for chilled water is reduced. This unloading allows a single compressor to provide a range of capacities to better match the system load. This is more efficient than using a hot-gas bypass to provide the same capacity variation with all pistons working. Some units use both methods, unloading pistons to a minimum number, then using hot-gas bypass to further reduce capacity stably. Capacities range from 20 to 125 tons.

Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger Centrifugal :  –

The centrifugal compressor operates much like a centrifugal water pump, with an impeller  compressing the refrigerant. Centrifugal chillers provide high cooling capacity with a compact design. They can be equipped with both inlet vanes and variable-speed drives to regulate control chilled water capacity control. Capacities are 150 tons and up.

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  • Good resistance against chemicals and corrosion
  • Ability to defy the effects of high pressure and temperature
  • Optimum and smooth performance under all circumstances
  • Less maintenance and prolonged operating life