A properly designed Graham Condenser between the process and vacuum producing equipment will yield significant advantages. The use of a process vacuum condenser can permit significant reduction in the size of the vacuum producing equipment. A condenser can recover for reuse valuable product that’s carried from the process with non-condensable gases. It can reduce the amount of wastes produced by the vacuum system and lower the process operating cost. Graham Process Condensers can be designed for a wide variety installations: direct contact or surface type, mounted horizontally or vertically, freeze condensation or conventional condensation type.




Matching the Process Vacuum Condenser with vacuum producing equipment is the best way to meet the process objectives. Graham manufactures both the Process Condenser and the vacuum producing equipment. This single-source responsibility provides a unitized system that is matched to the process.
Because of our considerable experience in condenser manufacturing, our ability to work with exotic materials as well as turbines with different exhaust configurations (down, top, axial), Graham can closely work with customers to evaluate options that best meet the specific requirements of any project.

Type Condenser

  1. Air Cooled Condenser
  2. Water Cooled Delete repeated word Condenser
  3. Household Air Conditioner Condenser
  4. Water Dispenser Condenser
  5. Cold Room Condenser
  6. Wine Machine Condenser
  7. Cold-dry Machine Condenser
  8. Ice Maker Condenser
  9. Freezer Condenser
  10. AHU Condenser
  11. Refrigerator Condenser
  12. Welding Machine Condenser
  13. Bus Condenser
  14. Industrial Condenser
  15. Fin Type Condenser
  16. V-type condenser

Brief Description of Condensers:

1. Fin type condenser can be used in air conditioner, cold room, freezer, refrigerator and other area.
2. Fin: flat or corrugated aluminium foils; hydrophilic or bare fin.
3. Tube: copper pipe
4. Φ7mm, φ7.94mm, φ9.52mm ,φ12.75mm, φ15.88 of tube O.D. available
5. Customized service is available according to customer’s drawings to meet end user’s specified requirements.
6. Materials of fin and tube per customer’s need, it could be aluminium, copper or stainless steel
7. Leak  test: 2.5Mpa water test
8. Producing process: tube bend, press fins, expand tube, welding, leak test, dry, inspect, pack.