Water Treatment Chemical

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Water Treatment Chemicals formulated using quality ingredients.the Water Treatment Plant, the ground water is softened using lime, filtered, fluoridated, and disinfected using chlorine the Water Treatment Plant, the groundwater is softened using lime, filtered, fluoridated, and disinfected using chlorineextensively used to purify and treated water and making it suitable for industrial, domestic and household purposes. Our range of chemicals is developed to improve various problems associated with water treatment such as scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and suspended solids.

This page is intended to provide you with a description of some common water treatment chemicals, along with links to commercial suppliers.

  • Boiler Water Chemicals : We offer speciality chemicals for boiler water treatment for small, medium and high pressure boilers.
  • Cooling Water Chemicals : To control corrosion, scaling and microbial fouling in cooling towers and closed cooling water circuits.
  • Fuel Additives & Fireside chemicals : Designed to condition fuel for better combustion performance and operation of system and fireside chemicals for keeping heat transfer surfaces clean.
  • Polyelectroytes (Flocculants) : Water soluble organic polymers for solid liquid separation uses are for raw water clarification and in process applications for steel, mining, aluminum, oil and sugar processing industries & effluent treatment plant.
  • Reverse Osmosis Chemicals : Thermax offers a complete range of R O chemical’s (NSF certified) which includes antiscalant, membrane cleaning chemicals & Biocides.
  • Sugar Chemicals : For sugar juice clarification, scale inhibition in evaporators and mill sanitation chemicals & viscosity reducers in processes of sugar industry.

Some risks associated with using copper-based algicides include : –

  • The accumulation of copper in the sediments;
  • The growth of species of blue-green algae that are resistant to the algicide may cause greater water quality problems;
  • The mass release of toxins from the algal cells;

Water Treatment Chemical Application : –

  • Agriculture
  • Airport
  • Cell tower
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial security
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Radio and television station
  • Sea port security
  • Schools and collages & universities
  • Water & waste water plant
  • Bio-chemistry lab
  • Research center