Water Cooled Screw Chiller

About Tipo

Tipo Water cooled Screw Chiller, Centrifugal Chiller, Liquid Chiller, Water Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller are designed to work within extreme tropicalized weather conditions while maintaining the highest energy efficiency. Designing and the choice of equipment are critical to conform to superior standards. Manufacturing and testing standards at our facilities are at par with the best, internationally. Installed equipment are operation friendly and are backed by the competent engineering team to realize the advantage while being in operation.

Features of Water Cooled Screw Chiller

  • The latest most efficient and highly reliable screw compressors from Europe
  • Environment friendly, energy efficient and operation friendly refrigerant R-134a
  • Highest full and part load energy efficiencies, through single and multiple refrigeration circuits
  • Factory made and tested DX and Flooded evaporators, made as per highest international standards of manufacturing
  • Electronic expansion valves for increased efficiency and precise temperature control
  • Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities
  • High fouling factors, increased condensing area, extra tube thickness and high-flow design, for highest energy efficiency, higher operational reliability and easier maintenance
  • Stepless capacity control from 25% to 100% adapting precisely to varying process loads

Design and Process

Where noise is a concern, the Tipo water-cooled screw chillers provide the ideal solution for sound sensitive environments. Designed with a single main rotor compressor which is inherently quieter than twin screw compressor designs, these chillers provide some of the lowest sound levels in the industry. Their quiet performance can eliminate the need for expensive sound attenuation equipment. And their low first cost means facility owners save money right from the start.

  • Wide operating map for applications ranging from comfort cooling to ice making
  • Two refrigerant circuits improve part load efficiency
  • Single main rotor compressor means inherently quieter operation than dual rotor compressors
  • Compact size fits through a 3-foot door for lower installed costs

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Type of Model

It Consists of Multiple Compressor Model.

Multiple Compressor Model

Multiple Compressor required in many industries for its unmatched properties. Using the word-class material, this is fabricated using state-of-art manufacturing unit. It shows the performance using CFC free refrigerants r-407 and r-134a. Engrossed with in-built process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank, this machine shows efficient performance.

The chiller is rated according to the ambient temperature of up to (+) 50°c and cooling tower water temperature up to (+) 37°c at the inlet of the condenser.

Operating voltages

  • 380 / 400 volt ac / 50 hz
  • 460 volt ac / 50 hz
  • 380 volt ac / 60 hz
  • 460 volt ac / 60 hz


  • Different industries for cooling purposes


  • Protection against winding
  • Available with TC motor
  • Comprises Oil level switch
  • Built-in oil separator
  • Discharge temperature protection
  • Sturdy design
  • Tested according ARI/ European standards
  • Separate refrigeration circuits
  • Reliable
  • Efficient performance
  • Low noise level

Water Cooled Screw Chiller

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