Timber Cooling Water


Timber Cooling Water Towers are useful for air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection molding machine, chemical plants, chilling plants, oxygen plants and also for steel industries, cement industries and chemical industries. These depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower.

It can be used for which quantity of water-cooling by extending the size, and then lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames. The woods used for manufacturing the Cooling Towers are completely seasoned chemically treated, light-wood. The Drift Eliminator, Fan duct, Splash bars and complete Structures are made out of the same wood.


  • Temperature 4°C To 30°C
  • 2 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 3 Cell Timber Cooling Tower
  • 5 TR T0 1000 TR
  • Uniform water spraying
  • Fowl Rate from 5 M3/Hr. To 500 M3/Hr.

Timber Cooling Tower Types are:

Timber Induced

  1. Draft Cross &
  2. Counter Flow Cooling Tower

CCA (copper chromate arsenic) treated timber  water  Cooling Towers have proven themselves the world over. These timber water  Cooling Towers are available in induced draft cross flow & induced draft counter flow design. Water handling capacity ranges from 45 M3/hr. to 5000 M3/hr. per cell capacity. Fan diameter varies from 1500 mm to 10000 mm. Different models have different Air Travels, Fill height, Fill pattern, Fan diameter, etc. in cross flow design AND varied Fill height, Fill design, etc. in counter flow design.


  • Design Water Flow Rate – M3 /hr.
  • Hot Water Inlet Temperature – 0 C
  • Cold Water Outlet Temperature – 0 C
  • Wet Bulb Temperature at site – 0 C

Timber Cooling Tower Useful for:

Air conditioning Industries, Chemical Industries, Diesel generating Industries, Chilling plants

Tips for Timber Cooling Tower Installation and Maintenance:

  • Install Timber Cooling System very near to you plant.
  • Regular maintenance should be done regularly to avoid problems and efficiency.
  • Monitor the wooden quality for every 3 months one.

Types and Methods of Timber Cooling Tower:

  1. Conventional Method of Timber Cooling System [Natural Draft Timber / Fin-less Fillers Timber]
  2. Mechanical Type of Timber Cooling Tower [ Induced Draft Counter Flow Timber Cooling tower and Induced Draft Cross Flow Timber]

Natural cooling System reduces the operational costs due to not having mechanical fans. The water is cooled with natural atmospheric air traveling and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles and covered with louver covers. So these methods are called as atmospheric cooling tower or Fin-less timber and fillies’ timber cooling tower.

Applications for Timber Cooling Tower:

  • Automobile Industries,
  • Cable Industries,
  • Casting Units,
  • Cement factory,
  • Chemical Industries,
  • Dairy Industries,
  • Fertilizers Industries,
  • Food Industries,
  • Hotels ,
  • Hospitals,
  • Paper Industries,
  • Power Generation Stations,
  • Petrochemical Industries,
  • Pharmaceutical units,
  • Plastic Industries,
  • Refineries,
  • Rubber Industries,
  • Steel Plant & Rolling Plant,
  • Sugar Mills,
  • Textile Mills,
  • Spinning Mills,
  • Tire Manufacturing units
  • Water effluent treatment industries

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