Timber Cooling Towers

Tipo Heat Exchangers leading manufacturer of timber type cooling towers. It is mechanical strength, durability and high efficiency. Manpower with vast specialized experience in cooling tower manufacturing is back bone of the organization. We have with us persons who have been entirely responsible from concept to final product manufacturing. We have major time tested development that has been incorporated in standards. Our GCT timber cooling towers are atmospheric cooling tower and mechanical cooling towers.Timber Cooling Towers includes most Conventional method [Natural Draft Cooling Towers or Fan less Fillers Cooling tower] and mechanical type, Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling tower and Cross Flow Cooling Towers.

Mechanical Type, Induced Draft Cross flow Cooling Towers are the common timber type Cooling Towers Frequently required by all the major sector customers. The cross flow Cooling Towers are having mechanical Fan and the water is cooled with the help of mechanical Fan motor. Mechanical cooling towers provides better thermal performance, low drift loss suitable for the current water scared world. These cooling towers are having the highest Delta T and greater efficiency and lower & easy maintenance cost.

These  cooling  towers has both single side and double side air intake. So depends upon the site condition you can prepare the model of the tower. These towers can be used for which ever quantity of water-cooling by extending the size and lengths by increasing the Standard Size Pressure treated wooden Frames. The woods used for manufacturing the Cooling Towers are completely seasoned chemically treated, light wood. The Splash bars, Drift Eliminator, Fan duct and complete Structures are made out of the same wood.

Timber Cooling towers are useful for chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection mounding machine, chilling plants, oxygen plants. diesel generating sets and heat exchanges. And also for steel industries, cement industries, chemical industries, and water effluent treatment industries.

Timber Cooling towers are useful for chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection molding machine, chilling plants, oxygen plants.