square shape cooling tower

Square Type Cooling Towers:

Square type Cooling Tower operates on the induced draft counter flow principle operation. The fan creates air movement vertically pulled upwards on tower across the fills in opposition to the water flow. Hot circulating water enters the water inlet headers and sprays through non clogging PP spray nozzle. Water distribution is even. Well designed PVC Drift Eliminators are fitted to reduce Drift Losses. Square type Cooling Towers are provided with Inspection door for easy access for inspection and maintenance. Square type cooling tower can be installed in multi cell also.


Square type Cooling towers vary in size from small roof-top units to very large hyperboloid structures (as in the adjacent image) that can be up to 200 metres tall and 100 metres in diameter, or rectangular structures (as in Image 3) that can be over 40 metres tall and 80 metres long. The Square type cooling towers are often associated with nuclear power plants, although they are also used to some extent in some large chemical and other industrial plants. Although these large towers are very prominent, the vast majority of Square type cooling towers is much smaller, including many units installed on or near buildings to discharge heat from air conditioning.


square type cooling tower
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The fill is of rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and is of honeycomb design with very large contact surface area. The fill splits the air and water into several streams, increasing the time of contact and also heat transfer between water and air. The fill is in modules and is packed in the tower casing without any cutting for curves. The air pressure drop through the fill is negligible. The fills are available with flute height of 6mm, 12mm, and 19mm with sheet thickness of 1mm and 1.2mm.
Automatic rotary sprinkler system made of Nylon 66 material, with rotary head and sprinkler pipe distributes the hot water over the entire space of the filler. Sprinkler pipes are non-clogging, require low pressure to operate and assure uniform water flow with minimal operating pump head. The FRP eliminators attached to sprinkler pipe are specifically designed for low pressure drop and minimizes the drift loss of water.
SCSP Nozzles:
The performance of cooling tower greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills. SCSP nozzles distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any dry pockets. They are lightweight and reduce the frequency of clogging. The Solid Cone Square Pattern (SCSP) nozzles produce a solid cone spray of water that is distributed in a square pattern onto the fills.
Drift Eliminator:
Reduces carry over losses of water. The eliminator is of rigid PVC (Applicable for square type cooling tower). The individual drift eliminators of S-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layers to create the structure. The entire area is thus divided into several fine S shaped mini zones each removing water droplets on the entire surface of the cell.
Axial Fan:
Specially designed energy efficient fans are of induced-draft axial type with adjustable pitch. Material chosen are non corrosive of plastic, FRP or aluminium alloy. The high efficiency design ensures low running cost and the lowest possible noise level. Fan blade pitch is factory set and dynamically balanced.
The motors are totally enclosed (IP55), flange type, 415 V, 3 ph., 50 Hz, induction weather proof with SS304 extended shaft and are specially designed for cooling tower application.
Corrosion Free:
The tower casing is of FRP, fill and eliminator are of PVC, and SS304 fasteners are used, thus eliminating corrosion, the biggest enemy of cooling tower. All steel components such as motor support, water distribution pipes, hardware etc., are hot dip or spray galvanized.


  1. Compact design, corrosion resistant
  2. Durable service Life
  3. Maintenance free
  4. Higher efficiency
  5. Minimum drift loss of water
  6. No contamination, due to dust or foreign particles
  7. Piping cost negligible and suitable for small unit
  8. Good-looking appearance
  9. Low operating cost
  10. Lightweight and portable components
  11. Durable construction
  12. Simple and safe for maintenance.