Square Shape Cooling Tower

   Square Type Cooling Tower


Tipo Square Shape cooling tower is available in different capacities and shapes. The warm water enters into the cooling tower by the inlet pipes and leaves out after decreasing the temperature. To increase the surface area, the hot water is splashed through the non-clogging splash caps over the fills/packing. Concurrently, the outside dry air is induced to the cooling tower with the efforts of cooling tower motor placed on the top. Owing to the counter contact of air and water, the evaporation will be resulted in the temperature drop. The air inlets are restricted to the lower part of the casing walls.  The air after passing through the functioning area leaves most of the entrained moisture in the new and the effective system of drift eliminators.

Salient Features of Square type Cooling Tower:

  • All structural in HDG Steel
  • PVC Fills with varying flute sizes of 12 mm, 14 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm
  • TEFC, IP-55 Protected ‘F’ Class Insulated motor with extended shaft
  • Adjustable pitch axial flow, dynamically balanced aluminium fans
  • Casings of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) for durability and strength
  • All joints fastened with SS fasteners
  • Uniformity in water dispersion through non – clog nozzles
  • Capacities 10TR to 1500TR , in single cell
  • Water flow 5 m3/h to 1000 m3/h, in single cell
  • Delta T (Temperature drop) 4°C to 20°C, in single cell
  • The designs incorporates the static spray nozzle distribution to atomize water in to a mist state and ensure uniformity in water dispersion and are easy to maintain even during the tower operations.
  • Our cooling Tower is designed for multi-cell construction, thus offering better flexibility in tower selection and operation.

Applications of Square type Cooling Tower:

  • Aluminium die casting m/c
  • Air compressors
  • A/C plant & cold rooms
  • Blow moulding M/c
  • Chemical industries
  • Dairy, Citrus and other food processing industries
  • Distilleries and Breweries plants
  • Diesel / Gas Gensets & Megawatt Projects
  • Glass Mfg. Plant
  • Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants
  • Industries heat process
  • Oil refineries
  • Plastic institution moulding m/c
  • PVC pipes mfg. plant
  • Soap / Cosmetic mfg. industries
  • Steel factory and foundry


  • Minimum drift loss of water
  • Compact structure, light in weight and corrosion resistant
  • Durable and long service life
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Minimum Piping cost and most suited for small industrial units
  • Low maintenance
  • Free of contaminants like dust or foreign particles
  • Higher efficiency (rate of cooling)
  • Specially designed fan and the tower body to minimise noise
  • Use of corrosion-proof high efficiency filling by the tower
  • Leak proof water collection sump to avoid water spillage
  • The ‘Bottle’ type structure is highly resistant to strong winds


Square Shape Cooling Tower
Square Shape Cooling Tower