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Heat Transfer System Heat Exchangers:

Heat transfer system heat exchangers are heating sources that don’t have a thermostat, such as wood-burners, can result in excess heat in one room while the rest of the house remains cold. A heat transfer system heat exchangers unit can improve the comfort level of your home by efficiently transferring excess heat from one room to others. In some cases this may eliminate the need for extra heating in those other rooms. Contact us to see if a Heat Transfer system heat exchangers is right for your home .Heat Transfer Systems heat exchangers are custom designed Thermal Fluid Systems (TFS) for heating and cooling applications for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, food, flavour & fragrance and industries.


Heat transfer system
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  1. Coefficient of expansion – the fractional change in length (or sometimes in volume, when specified) of a material for a unit change in temperature
  2. Viscosity – resistance of a liquid to sheer forces (and hence to flow)
  3. Thermal capacity – the ability of matter to store heat
  4. Freezing point – the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid
  5. Boiling point – the temperature at which a liquid boils
  6. Flash point – the lowest temperature at which the vapour above a liquid can be ignited in air.


  1. Even at maximum process temperature 375°C (707°F), system functions at a pressure less than 30 psig while using appropriate heat transfer fluid
    simply connect the process pipes to the system inlet and outlet, mount the separately supplied expansion tank and connect to your electrical supply
  2. Features low density EXF circulation heaters mounted on a structural steel frame
  3. Centrifugal, direct drive pumps are standard; positive displacement pumps available upon request
  4. Special inlet and outlet valves with high temperature packing and flanged connections are standard; bypass, drain, fill and bleed valves are installed in the piping loop with all welded connections for pipes with 1/2″ NPT or larger
  5. Mechanical devices provided include expansion tank with sight glass and vent, pressure gauge(s), low and high pressure switches or optional differential pressure switch
  6. Motorized valves for heating and cooling applications are available
  7. Fully prewired control panel features disconnect, HRC fusing, magnetic contactors, electronic indicating and fully adjustable temperature control, electronic high temperature limit control, optional step controller and pilot lights
  8. All components are connected with factory-tested, leak-proof joints


  1. High performance
  2. Efficiency
  3. Robust construction
  4. Accuracy
  5. Quality product
  6. Highly reliable
  7. Highly efficient
  8. Uninterrupted performance


  1. Engineering Industry
  2. Food Industry
  3. Power Industry
  4. Nuclear reactors
  5. Gas power plants
  6. Food processing units
  7. Cosmetic companies