Heat Exchangers

Dummy Load Heat Exchangers:

Introduction: Dummy Load Heat Exchangers include a resistive sodium nitrite resistive load directed by insulating tubes to flow in the load. The cooling circuit includes a primary circuit having inlet and outlet thermistors, and a secondary cooling circuit coupled thereto by a liquid to liquid heat exchanger. In the control circuit, the thermistors...

Heat Exchangers Overview

Introduction Of Heat Exchangers : Heat exchanger is a device designed to efficiently transfer or “exchange” heat from one matter to another. When a fluid is used to transfer heat, the fluid could be a liquid, such as water or oil, or could be moving air. The most well known type of heat exchanger is […]

Copper Heat Exchangers in Karnataka

     Copper Heat Exchangers Introduction: Tipo Copper Heat Exchangers tubes normally supplied in straight length annealed and half hard temper. The copper tubes shaped by are metal industries have the stiff tolerances but also have the most dependable dimensions throughout tube length. The tube surface is clean both inside and outside with no...

Air Cooled Condenser

Air Cooled Condenser Introduction Tipo United Heat Exchanger providing solution for Air condensation system for all types of Thermal Power plants. In systems involving heat transfer, a condenser (Air Cooled Condenser ) is a device or unit used to condense a substance from its gaseous to its liquid state, typically by cooling it. In so […]

Filter Vessels

Filter Vessels We are manufacture, supply, export and distribute Filter Vessels. Used in different industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and heavy duty engineering, our offered vessels are highly acknowledged. Moreover, providing customization facility for these vessels, we have mustered huge client-base. Filter vessel are used in...

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in Trichy, Tamilnadu

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers   Introduction: Heat exchangers are defined as devices that transfer heat from one liquid or gaseous substance to another in order to change the temperature of the substance for another process. Heat exchangers are constructed with thermally conducted tubes or plates. Heat exchangers are commonly used to transfer...
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