Some Chemical, Physical and Atomic processes require Direct Cooling. This type of Cooling may be imparted through Jacket of Vessel or Reactor, Immersed type Evaporator Coils or through Skin Wounded Evaporator arrangement to Process Vessel.

We are proficient in designing & engineering Process Cooling Systems
for any type of Applications.

Some Applications requiring Direct Process Cooling Systems:
  • Direct Cooling in Vessel Jackets
  • Chemical Mixing that Generate Heat
  • Stirrer and Agitation Processes
  • Molecular Diffraction of certain Gases like H2, O2
  • Precise Equipment’s like Telescopes, Microscopes
  • Capacities can be modulated with combination of Multiple Compressors & Multiple Circuits
Our Specialties for Process Cooling Systems:
  • All Process Cooling Systems can be offered with Air-cooled or Water cooled Condensors
  • Material of Construction for all Components including Compressors, Motors, Pumps, Heat Exchanges and Pipelines will be as compatible
    with Process Requirements.
  • PLC based Automation and Integration can be offered if specified. All Systems are offered as Factory Built Packages with minimum On-site
  • We have largest data-base of Type of Brines to categories it through Corrosiveness, Hazardousness, Flamm ability, Hygroscopic-ness, Gravity, ODP Compatibility, Availability etc
  • Expansion Vessels can be offered for Processes involving Hot & Cold Cycles
  • Combination of Electromechanical Refrigeration and Cryogenic Cooling Systems can be offered where Cryogenic Temp Range is required.