Process Chiller



A process chiller is a refrigeration system using halo-carbon or ammonia refrigerants that provide cooling for a process or industrial application.
Tipo offers Process Chillers for medical, pharmaceutical industries and varied industrial applications like plastic mold cooling, printing and lamination processes. These chillers incorporate microprocessor based controls which offer intelligent cooling and are energy efficient apart from being extremely compact with a small footprint.

Salient Features

  • Wide range of models: 3 TR-22 TR
  • Energy efficient scroll compressors and plate heat exchangers
  • Extremely compact plug-in design for high ambient applications
  • Stainless steel hydraulic circuit with buffer and expansion tank
  • Microprocessor controller with computer and remote connectivity
  • Anti-corrosive fins
  • Low noise
  • Food grade quality option available

Types of Process Chiller

At Cooling Technology, Inc, we separate our process chillers into two main categories:

  1. central                        and
  2. compact.

1. Central process chillers have an operating range of -30°F to 65°F and handle from under ten to over 200 tons. To learn more about our central process chillers, view our list of products or contact a Cooling Technology, Inc. representative.

2. Compact process chillers are smaller versions of our central chillers and are very versatile ranging from one to 40 tons. These chillers are fully integrated turn key solutions. If physical space is limited, this is an ideal choice.

Components of Process Chiller

Process chillers are made up of many different parts depending upon the design.

Each process chiller incorporates a

  1. compressor,
  2. condenser,
  3. evaporator,
  4. pumps,
  5. pipes,
  6. high pressure refrigerant relief valves, and
  7. possible cooling towers,
  8. tanks,
  9. filters, and
  10. fans.

Contact Cooling Technology,

Inc and one of our technical engineers will help you design one to meet your custom needs.

Technical Specs

  • Screw, Scroll & Reciprocating Compressor Options
  • 5 – 500 Tons Capacities
  • -5F – 65F Water/Glycol temperatures (Consult Factory)
  • Shell & Tube or SS Braised Plate Evaporator Options
  • Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Condenser Options
  • High Powered PLC control system with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Refrigerant Options:
  • R-134A, R-410A, R-407C, R-404A
  • Power: 460/3/60, 380/3/50, 575/3/60
  • ETL, CSA, CE Certified
  • Custom Options:
  • Integrated Storage Tank
  • Integrated Pump Packages
  • Low Ambient Operation (Consult Factory)
  • Integrated Free Cooling
  • High Ambient Option
  • Heat Recovery
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure (Air Cooled Only)
  • Low Noise Options

Process chillers are used in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Plastics Industry: The plastics industry uses process chillers to reduce cycle times in injection molding and blow molding by regulating temperatures
  • Baking Industry: The baking industry may use process chillers in their process of mixing. The chilled water from a water chiller may be used to allow longer mixing times which improves the final quality for any grade of flour.
  • Food Industry: The food industry uses process chillers to cool any process such as chocolate manufacturing, vegetable processing, meat massagers/injectors and confectionary manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The heat from emollient vats needs to go somewhere. This is where a Cooling Technology, Inc Process Chiller helps pharmaceutical companies save money by reducing the total manufacturing time, leading to cost savings in labor costs.
  • Printing Industry: Process chillers can be used to regulate temperatures in presses and rollers which leads to reduction of stretching and bleeding. This in turn decreases the time needed to print which improves efficiency and leads to higher quality products at a cost savings.
  • Other industries that benefit from the uses of a process cooler include boat & airplane manufacturing, metal finishers, skating rinks, chemical industry, composite manufacturers, laser cutting machines, dry cleaners, and the United States government uses many for military applications.

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