Package Type Cooling Towers

Product Description:

Standard Package Type Induced Draft Cooling Tower offered by us feature precision designing & fabrication standards that allow these to deliver optimum functionality standards.  Further, owing to its compactness, these FRP induced cooling towers find extensive application in many process industries as well as in HVAC applications.

The superior designs and unique sprinkler design of these cooling towers maximizes:

  • Efficiency
  • Maximum cooling in minimum floor area
  • UV resistant and leak Proof FRP casing
  • Direct driven axial fan
  • Highly efficient honeycomb PVC fill
  • Vertical induced draft counters flow
  • Corrosion resistant and fire retardant finish
  • Hot dip galvanized MS supporting structure
  • Modular light weight
  • Long lasting construction

Ranges available:Package type cooling towers from 1TR to 500TR.Custom built cooling towers in MSFRP Construction up to 2000cum/hr

Material Selection


It has rust proof tough FRP bottle type design, which can withstand high wind velocity and vibrations. This model does not require any painting and is compact in design with long life.


Comes with a honeycomb designed rigid PVC, which has extended surface area. It assists in splitting air and water, which in turn enhances the contact time and heat transfer area through evaporation. Our PVC modules are vacuum formed and comes with double edges, to provide highly efficient and robust packing. These modules are the heart of cooling tower.


The fan of the module is aerodynamically designed & has adjustable blade type axial. The flow fan is highly efficient & ensures large air flow at low static pressure with low noise levels.


The motor used is squirell-cage TEFC induction motor, which comes with IP55 weather proof electric motor that is suitable for humid outdoor conditions.

Hot Water Distribution System:

A special rotary aluminum alloy-sprinkler with sealed ball bearings is specifically designed to take care of radial and thrust loads rotating at 5 to 7 R.P.M & distributing water through PVC branch pipes. It uniformally sprays water on the PVC fills. SS-304 sprinklers are also available upon clients request.