FRP Round Cooling Tower

Industrial Cooling Tower FRP and Round Shape Cooling Tower with Bottom Tank Assembly as per customer requirement, We manage the Cooling Temperature as per ambient temperature using the Round shape FRP Cooling tower Bottle Shape Cooling Towers Based On Induced Draft Counter Flow Design Using Rotary Water Distribution System Using Aluminium/ Ss / Gun Metal Sprinkler Bottle FRP Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower Heat Exchange manufacture in India.
Round Shape Cooling Tower Capacities : –

Round Shape Cooling Tower gives 100% Cooling efficiencies it gives good appearance. Our Cooling Towers Capacities are ranging from 5 M3/Hr To 11000 M3/Hr and resulted differences in temperature availability of capacities from 5 TR T0 1000 TR in FRP type.

FRP Round Cooling Tower
FRP Round Cooling Tower

Round Shape Cooling Tower Features : –

The Bottle Shaped FRP Cooling Tower is utilized in several industries and has the following features.

    All the components have a modular and compact design : –

  • The casing and the design has an exclusive circular design. Therefore no impact of the direction of prevailing wind is encountered.
  • This FRP water Cooling Tower has a very efficient sprinkler head system that is rotative and is made of aluminum alloy
  • Axial flow fans that are designed aerodynamically with adjustable pitch are used
  •  The Bottle Shaped FRP Cooling Tower helps conserve power
    Quiet operation is ensured
  •  The sump is given easy access with a galvanised mesh of hot dip. This is done to avoid entry to foreign objects into the water basin
  •   The possibility of corrosion and rust gets minimised due to the framework steel components that are hot dip galvanised.

    Round Shape Cooling Tower Capacities : –

    Though the Cooling Tower maintenance is not difficult, it is important.
    Cooling Tower Maintenance

    Efficient treatment of water.
    Prevent scale deposits.
    Do way with or clean spray nozzles that get clogged.
    Adequate air flow should be ensured.