FRP Cooling tower

           FRP Cooling Towers


FRP Cooling Towers manufactured with Glass reinforced plastic mostly in wind with standing bottle type and square type models. It is a mechanical type Counter Flow Tower. FRP Cooling tower intakes the air from bottom and discharge the waste heat at the top. Since the water is traveling from top and the air passes from bottom to top. The water droplets have more direct contact time with air. The wet cooling Towers cooled with the help of evaporating some proportionate quantity of circulating water.

The bottle type tower casing filled with Honeycomb type PVC FILLS. The rotating water distributor sprinkler fixed in the top of the inlet pipeline and the same distributes the hot water evenly over the Honeycomb Fill media. The sprinkler will operate with self-propulsion system. The PVC Fills corrugated with channels between each flutes to prevent the blockage and giving more and large surface area per unit volume. The cold air meets the cold water at the bottom of the infill providing maximum evaporation and heat transfer in the infill.


Features of FRP cooling towers

  • Easy to maintain
  • Vertical Air discharge
  • Reliable, Accessible components
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • Lower operation cost
  • Efficient drift eliminators
  • Industrial grade motors
  • Superior Louver design
  • Reduce water usage
  • Motor and fan assembly
  • Lower water carryover problems
  • Reduce algae

FRP Casing/Body:

The tower casing has been manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) so it is also called FRP Cooling Tower which is highly corrosion resistant and gives sufficient structural strength, to withstand high wind velocity and vibration. The casing is fabricated in segments duly matched at works and aerodynamic contours are achieved for best fan performance.

Advantages of FRP Cooling Towers

  • Light for transportation and construction
  • No severe limitations on profile length
  • Bracing in one piece
  • No limitation in the water quality (any pH)
  • Fire protected


FRP Cooling tower
FRP Cooling towerfrp cooling