Finned Tube Cooling Towers:

Finned Tube cooling towers Heat Exchangers are a special technology in which continues wire or strip of fin material is wounded spirally on the tubes and strengthened to with standard higher internal pressure comparing with radiation type.
Our range of finned tube cooling towers heat exchangers are built on specialized European technology that helps our products to with stand higher internal pressure. Finned tube cooling towers Heat Exchangers are having more heat transfer area, which is allowed to improve the efficiency. Finned Tube cooling towers Heat Exchangers offering large capacity and greater surface area. We make use of premium quality raw materials for manufacturing these dimensionally precise heat exchangers. Known for their high functionality and longer shelf life, finned tube cooling tower devices are widely demanded among our valued customers.


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Finned tube cooling tower is a type of heat exchanger design that uses plates and finned chambers to transfer heat between fluids. It is often categorized as a compact heat exchanger to emphasize its relatively high heat transfer surface area to volume ratio. Finned tube cooling tower is widely used in many industries, including the aerospace industry for its compact size and lightweight properties, as well as in cryogenics where its ability to facilitate heat transfer with small temperature differences is utilized. Finned tube cooling tower is made of layers of corrugated sheets separated by flat metal plates, typically aluminium, to create a series of finned chambers. Separate hot and cold fluid streams flow through alternating layers of the heat exchanger and are enclosed at the edges by sidebars. Heat is transferred from one stream through the fin interface to the separator plate and through the next set of fins into the adjacent fluid. The fins also serve to increase the structural integrity of the heat exchanger and allow it to withstand high pressures while providing an extended surface area for heat transfer.


Tubes, Tube sheets, shells, Baffles and Fins of Heat Exchanger are made out of various custom required materials & TEMA Standards like seamless or ERW tubes and shells in Copper Aluminium, Brass, and mild steel, cuprous Nickel, Aluminium brass and stainless steel, carbon steel, admiralty Brass materials are used. The end of the tubes are probably welded or expanded with grooved tube plates by tube expanding machines up to a pressure level of 1000 PS1 Pressure.


  1. No water consumption.
  2. Used for prime temperature applications.
  3. An enormous of water gets preserved on victimization dry cooling towers.
  4. This cooling system efficaciousness ensures minimum ecological impact.


  1. Tons power plants.
  2. Steel producing industries.
  3. Geothermic power plants.
  4. Diesel Power Plants.
  5. Dry cooling system square measure used for compressor.