Evaporative Condensers


Evaporative condensers improve the heat rejection process by using the cooling effect of evaporation. Water is sprayed over the condensing coil from above while air is simultaneously blown up through the coil from below to naturally lower the condensing temperature.


Evaporative condensers provide heat rejection for many types of systems, and the specific application will largely determine which Hitech Evaporative Condenser is best suited for a project. The information contained within this section is geared towards the use of evaporative condensers in the HVAC and light industrial markets only. Evaporative condensers are used in these markets to provide lower condensing temperatures and compressor horsepower savings of up to 15 percent when compared with traditional systems. For technical support with a refrigeration application, contact your local Hitech Refrigeration Sales Representative.


Principle of Operation
The vapor to be condensed is circulated through a condensing coil, which is continually wetted on the outside by a recirculating water system. Air is pulled over the coil, causing a small portion of the recirculating water to evaporate. The evaporation removes heat from the vapor in the coil, causing it to condense.


Combined Flow

Combined flow is the use of both a condensing coil and fill surface for heat transfer in an evaporative condenser. The addition of fill surface to the traditional evaporative condenser design reduces evaporation in the coil section, reducing the potential for scaling and fouling.Hitech combined flow evaporative condensers utilize parallel flow of air and spray water over the coil, and crossflow air/water flow through the fill surface.
Hitech manufactures two types of evaporative condensers: combined flow and counterflow.


 Design Parameter
•     Condensing temperature 40°c for Ammonia wet bulb temperature 26°c *
•     We can design for any capacity, rating as per customers requirement.


 Technical Specification
•     Body constructed with G .1. Sheet and hot deep galvanising structure.
•     Condenser unit complete with SS-304, with 025.4,019.05. Tube
•     Airfans – axial flow fan, motor with IP – 55 insulation.


Salient Features
• Compact Design, Space Saving
• Chocking Free Spray Nozzle
• Design Base – HTRI


• Dairy
• Brewery
• Chilling Plants     • Cold Storage
• Food Processing Industry
• Industrial refrigeration where ammonia is used as refrigerant.


• Substantial energy saving as compare PHE & Cooling Tower.
• Substantial saving in space, piping as compared to PHE & Cooling Tower.