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Cooling Unit System:

The cooling unit system is the heart of your wine cellar. Our wine room coolers ensure that your wine is properly cooled, letting it mature gracefully, increasing in quality and value. Wine Enthusiast offers easy-to-install cooling units for custom wine cellars or do-it-yourself wine storage systems – they’re guaranteed to last as long as your wines. For more information on installation, dusted units vs. through-the-wall units, and custom design feel free to contact one of our wine storage consultants who can help you navigate the different cooling unit options and create a solution that fits your needs.


Cooling unit
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principle of cooling unit is proper wine storage requires proper temperature and environment. Ensure your wine cellar or wine cabinet ages your wine to its fullest potential with one of Beverage Factory. com’s wine cooling units. Wine cooling units keep your wine enclosure’s temperature stable while reducing humidity to proper wine storage levels. Offering the latest wine cooling units available on the market. Protect your investment by providing the ideal cellar environment with a state-of-the-art Wine-Mate wine cellar refrigeration system. A balance of temperature and humidity is critical for the proper storage and aging of wine. Temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape. Ensure your wine cellar has the proper conditions with a Wine-Mate cooling system. Select from self-contained, split or ducted cooling systems, all designed specifically for proper wine storage. On each cooling unit product page you will find a link to our installation and instruction manuals. Please review before purchasing so you know what to expect when your cooling unit is installed. Cooling units must remain upright at all times.


  1. They are portable
  2. No installation costs
  3. Air coolers do not require a hose vent so it is not necessary to place them near an external window.
  4. Many have castors, making them easy to manoeuvre.


  1. Speed Settings – The number of settings on the air cooler, the greater the settings the more control you will have.
  2. Tank size – The size of the water tank in litres, which has to be kept filled. The larger the tank the longer the air cooler can run.
  3. Timer – Gives you control over the amount of time that the appliance is turned on.
  4. Remote control – Many air coolers are supplied with a remote control for ease of use.
  5. Water-air cooling
  6. Deionizer and particle filter included
  7. Provides interlock signal on error
  8. Manual temperature setting on front panel
  9. Coolant/set temperature


  1. Less expensive to install
  2. Less expensive to operate
  3. Ease of maintenance
  4. Ventilation air.