Cooling Tower Hub with Fun

Our cooling towers are fitted with FRP Axial Flow Fans with Aerodynamic efficiency and significant saving in higher operating cost.

Fan hub assembly is simply designed for easy installation and minimum maintenance. It is dynamically balanced and made of stainless steel plates, aluminum clamp blocks, cast iron bush and all hardware in stainless steel for resistance against corrosion.

Fan Hub assemblies are dynamically balanced on Dynamic Balancing Machines and total Fan Blade assemblies are balanced on specially designed rig for vibration free continuous operation.

Fans are directly driven by electric motors in small models and coupled through gearbox in larger models subject to the tip speed of the fan.

A new generation, state of the art cooling tower fans, the energy economy concept, which means money saving concept. Built with uncompromising international quality standards. Paltech fans are a combination of performance, strength, endurance & reliability unmatched by anyone else.

With our expertise in the axial fan blades design  uses the most efficient aerodynamic profile for the blades designed we accept the challenge to prove power saving not only over metallic cooling tower fans but also against other FRP cooling tower fans.

Design : –

Paltech FRP fan blades have been specially designed aerodynamically for cooling towers.The aerofoil design has been obtained from . Flow characteristic of the fan outlet ensures an optimum distribution of air across the cooling tower, giving an added benefit to the system.

Power Saving : –

Paltech FRP fans are most efficient, consumes upto 30% less power than conventional aluminium alloy / FRP blades. Thus saving in operational cost is enormous.

Light Touch & Strong : –

Due to considerably lower mass of FRP blades, drives & support frames can be made smaller & hence cheaper. FRP blades are made by specially adopted technique. These are hollow & light but are extremely fatigue resistant, tough & strong.