Cooling Tower Fan

Aluminum Fans for cooling tower offered to come in quality construction finish and provide for optimum functional usage as well as high energy savings. Further, the assembly of these aluminum fans is aerodynamically designed and come with the support of adjustable FRP/aluminum alloy blades that provides for large airflow with comparatively low static pressure. Further, the pitch angle of thee fans can also be adjusted to achieve changing of fan power.
Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas plant, processing plants, food processing plants, semi-conductor plants, building cooling, and other industrial facilities.

Cooling Tower Fan Features : –

Specially designed energy efficient axial type fans with adjustable pitch, made of cast aluminum alloy or FRP
Used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere

With above all specialties Tipo Heat Exchangers fan offers following special features : –

  1.  Higher efficiency: In cooling tower application of axial fan, we not only accept the challenge of power saving against metallic cooling tower fan (around 20 to 35%) but we are also pleased to take the challenge of providing power saving against other cooling tower FRP fan manufacturers (around 10 to 15%).
  2. Excellent surface finish amongst the entire metallic cooling tower fan range available in industries.
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance with consistent performance even after long time of operation.

Our cooling tower fans include:

  1.  Variable and non-variable pitch axial flow cooling tower fans
  2. Used FRP Spinner (aerodynamic hub) for improving the efficiency of cooling tower fan
  3. Tipo Heat Exchangers fan offers cooling tower fan range from 2 to 44 feet.
  4. Tipo Heat Exchangers fan assemblies are dynamically or statically balance as per ISO 1940, balance quality grade 6.3.

Range of Tipo Heat Exchangers fans include all the applications in industries:

  1. Force draft cooling tower fans.
  2.  Induced draft crosses flow cooling tower fans.
  3.  Induced draft counter flow cooling tower fans.

Which include approximate all verity of Cooling Fan : –

  1. FRP Cooling towers fans
  2. Timber Cooling towers fans, and Concrete cooling tower fans.