Compressor Cooler

Compressor Cooler

The process of Compressor Cooler produces energy which is manifested as heat. The heat is removed before use (or further compression), hence the introduction of pre cooler, inter coolers and after coolers.

TIPO coils offer high quality Compressor Cooler that is highly appreciated for long lasting life and good performance in air compressors. Prepared using advanced technology, our Compressor Cooler is ideal for air / gas compressor. Compressor cooler is considered as the lung of compressor as its cooling effect directly influences the performance and efficiency of air / gas compressor.

parameters of air compressor : –

  • LP discharge pressure: 4 bars
  • HP discharge pressure: 30 bars.
  • Intercooler inlet air temperature: 130 ° C
  • Intercooler outlet air temperature: 35 °  C
  • After cooler inlet air temperature: 130 ° C
  • After cooler outlet air temperature: 35 °  C

Advantages of inter cooling of air compressor : –

  • To avoid excessive temperature rise associated with higher compression ratios, and to approach isothermal compression.
  • Saving in power.
  • Volumetric efficiency is increased.
  • Reduced the volume of air delivered and also reduced the compressor size.
  • It can reduce the air temperature.
  • Due to less temperature suction & delivery valves remain cleaner without being fouled with carbonized oil.
  • It can avoid a danger of an explosion takes place in compressor cylinder.
  • It allows good lubrication of the compressor piston.
  • Moisture separation is easier through inter cooler drains.
  • It also enables to deal with a greater weight of air for the same energy expended.

compressors are mostly used than single stage compressor : –

  1. More stages are needed to increase the required final pressure.
  2. Easier to control the air temperature.
  3. Reducing in air compressor size.
  4. Lubrication problem does not exit.
  5. Reduced the thermal stress.
  6. Lower work done to compressing air.
  7. Improve compressor efficiency

Purpose of unloder valve (moisture drain valve) in air compressor : –

  • At starting this valve must be opened, this reduced the starting torque for the machine and clear out any accumulated moisture and oil in the system.


Compressed Cooler
Compressor Cooler