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Finned Tubes Heat Exchangers

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers consist of a shell & finned tubes assembly. Fins are used to increase the effective surface area of heat exchanger tubing. Finned tubes are used when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of the tubes is appreciably lower than that on the inside; as in heat transfer from a liquid to a gas, vapor to a gas, such as steam to air heat exchanger, thermic fluid to air heat exchanger. When an extended surface is needed on only one fluid side (such as in a gas to liquid exchanger) or when the operating pressure needs to be contained on one fluid side, a finned tube heat exchanger may be selected.

Application examples for finned tube heat exchanger : –

Finned tube heat exchangers are often used in power plants as an exhaust gas heat exchanger to increase the efficiency factor. Further applications in power plants are the preheating of combustion air as well as the condensation of exhaust steam from steam or ORC turbines.

In industrial dryers finned tube heat exchangers will be used for heating of air by hot water, steam or thermal oil in large quantities.

In many industrial production processes, such as for the air conditioning of buildings, finned tube heat exchangers are used as an air cooler for cooling down or re-cooling of liquids. Due to the problems with Legionella, the high consumption of fresh water, as well as the elaborate water treatment, closed cooling circuits with finned tube heat exchangers will be used instead of cooling towers with open water circuit.

Advantages of Maxxtec finned tube heat exchangers

  • Robust construction of finned tube heat exchanger that can withstand contrarious operating conditions over a long period.
  • Maximum transmission quality
  • High condensation rate
  • Wide application and temperature spectrum (range)
  • Very good value for money
  • Ideal for gas-liquid or gas-vapor heat transfer
  • Available as stainless steel finned tube heat exchanger
  • Highest reliability of operation through extensive quality inspection
  • Many years of experience in various fields of application