Dry Cooling Towers is also known to be indirect closed loop cooling tower. Dry Cooling Towers has been structured in an way that water is cooled by the circulation through the finned tubes, which results in heat transfer. Due to this Dry Cooling Towers doesnt need much of water as the water is not loosed. We manufacture from low capacity to high capacity depends on customer. We also deal Overseas Clients.

The hot water from any equipment can be sent to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower & that hot water get Cooled and Cold water outlet from the Dry / Coil is connected to the pump, which pumps the cold water to the equipment to transfer the heat from the equipment with less Evaporation loss, Maintenance free, No need of raw Water tank & 100% free from decaling.

Dry cooling towers operate by heat transfer through a surface that separates the working fluid from ambient air, such as in a tube to air heat exchanger, utilizing convective heat transfer. They do not use evaporation.

Several evaporative methods of recycling cooling water were in use in urban areas where there will no proper water supply.Like wise the urban cities took the form of cooling towers following the form of cooling ponds in rural areas.

Dry cooling towers are extended type radiator cooling. In this system the heat transfer area is cooled with a cooling fan at the top. The hot media will be circulated inside the tubes and the atmospheric air is used as the secondary media to cool the hot media. All the heat transfer areas requires periodical cleaning and maintenance will be very easy.

And the replacement period is also high when comparing with other Cooling Tower Systems, since oil/water is cooled by a single heat exchanger system, cost effective, maintenance cost can be reduced.

Sound energy emitted by a cooling tower are recorded at a given distance and direction. The Sound is generated by the impact of falling water, by the movement of air by fans.